A cruise ship host is the first and the last person passengers meet when they board and disembark. The main responsibility of a cruise ship host is to greet passengers, ensure that they are properly housed in their cabins, and to make sure that they are provided with all the amenities and services that they […]

Overview If you have been through a few resume samples but you are still unsure of what type of format you need, you may be looking at all the wrong samples. While readily available resume samples for janitorial supervisor position do not always help us absolutely, they do provide a little assistance in setting the […]

Half of the candidate pool that applies for a certain position, makes obvious and career-killing mistakes in their cover letters. The cover letter is not something that you can write in 15 minutes, in hopes of simply writing something to fill space. A cover letter holds great meaning for the person reading it, and it […]

A janitorial supervisor holds the role of an overseer – he or she is employed by organizations to make sure that the work of the janitorial staff is properly carried out. One organization may hire more than one janitorial supervisor, depending on the size of the company and the number of staff members that need […]

Preparing for an interview for janotorial supervisor position can be as daunting as the interview process itself. Insecurity and lack of confidence are almost always prevalent even if you are not a rookie. Things can become quite tricky if you do not prepare for an interview before you appear for one. Even if you feel […]

We all look for one good career opportunity after another. To meet our financial and career growth goals, it is important that we explore different avenues. However, in order to meet one goal, we may leave some important things behind. Leaving a workplace that has taught you so much, and has given you a lot […]

Cover letter writing has never been as cumbersome as it is now. Employers expect way too much and we as mere humans cannot always live up to their expectations. Often, this situation leaves us in a quandary that we do not how to handle. The trick is not to worry too much. Worry only as […]