Letters of interest for student LPNs are more or less in the same league as cover letters. The only difference is perhaps the fact that they are written when no job opportunity has been identified. A Student Licensed Practical Nurse letter of interest will primarily be written to figure out if there is a vacant […]

Nowadays, the focus is on writing a cover letter that brings results. No longer are cover letters mere adornments that make resumes look pretty. Cover letters are now considered entities that tell hiring managers much about a candidate, specifically his skills and accomplishments. How you begin a cover letter matters tremendously. Salutation snoozers are a […]

  A hiring manager can only think of you as an ordinary applicant when they pick up your resume! It is up to you to introduce yourself as an exceptional candidate. Once your candidacy is established, so is the interest of a hiring manager. But establishing your candidacy is not done by simply telling a […]

Candidates for deli manager position often get stuck when they have to fill out the skills sections on their resumes. The problem is not usually the fact that there is lack of skills. The problem is that this part of the resume requires a lot of thinking. What exactly is a skill? What job-related skills […]

Introducing yourself to a hiring manager is very important. And this can be best done through the resume objective. The main reason for a resume objective to exist is to provide the reader with an introduction of who you are and what capabilities you possess. Since the hiring manager has no choice but to believe […]

Even after going through a dozen interviews in your professional life (and acing most of them), the process is never completely perfected. Each interview is different, posing an array of diverse challenges that one can never foresee. What one can foresee is the pattern. All interviews work on more or less the same pattern. There […]

  Your professional expertise can be judged from the way you write your resume. It is not just the information that you provide but also the way you provide it. Your resume is a reflection of what you can do and are capable of. The following olive garden server resume sample will guide you how […]