Position Overview IT support technicians perform three standard duties: 1. Ongoing end user support 2. Routine maintenance of computers 3. Infrastructure Support Following is a list of their regular duties: ➜ Researching, learning, and estimating new hardware and software ➜ Maintaining records of PCs, systems and laptops of end users ➜ Taking backups, maintaining backup systems […]

When you put forward a resignation from waiter job, it is vital to resign with poise and proficiently. Give sufficient notice to your restaurant owner or boss by writing a formal resignation letter, and be ready to move on before submission of your letter. A resignation letter for a waiter must be brief, focused, and […]

Overview Writing a cover letter for Fresh Elementary Teacher is a simple task. In your letter, you have to summarize all of your qualifications, achievements and experiences regarding Elementary Teaching. The following cover letter will give you a good idea how to make an exceptional cover letter for your resume and/or job application. In addition, […]

Writing an influencing cover letter is a significant step in obtaining a Psychology internship. Your letter must be modified per requirements of the company you are applying at. You can make a standard cover letter and modify it based on employer’s requirements. Below is a sample cover letter for a psychology internship to guide you accordingly. […]

Room attendants are usually employed by hotels, restaurant and private homes. They take care for of rooms and keep the assigned area clean, neat and ready for guests. The duties of room attendant include: • Replacing stocks of guest supplies like shampoo and soap • Changing towels and bed linen • Replenishing drinks in the […]

A well formatted resume for nursing job is very important because of the fact that nursing jobs are top of the job expansion charts for approximately a decade. The populace of the world is increasing at a rapid rate and elder people are making up growing ratio of that population. The two most common kinds of […]

Factory workers are employed by different factories like food and beverage, toffee processing, fabric process, dairy, leather industries, and pharmaceutical companies and the like. The responsibilities of factory worker differ depending on the type of factory they work with. As a general rule, these individuals carry out a wide range of activities. This is believed to […]