While writing a cover letter for food counter attendant resume, don’t forget to insert your skills briefly in covering letter which will persuade the reader or prospective employer to read your resume. Take help from the following sample while writing a cover letter for food counter attendant position. Alternate Job Titles: 1. Salad Bar Attendant […]

Tips and Techniques When writing a Resignation Letter for your current job as an Elementary Teacher, be sure to show gratitude the district for allowing you the chance to teach their children. You should mention when your resignation will be effective. Elementary Teacher Resignation Letter doesn’t need to be long and you don’t require giving […]

Do I need to inform employer two weeks before leaving? Well, if you work in the United States or Canada, the answer depends on the terms and conditions as written in your employment contract. In many cases, you do not need to give a 2 weeks notice of resignation except you are working under a […]

  A hotel steward manages all activities related to cleaning and maintenance of the Food and Beverage storage in hotels and resorts. They ensure a clean, sanitary condition of glassware, silverware, cookware and serving utensils. The following is an excellent resume sample for an entry level hotel steward with less or no relevant experience in […]

Position Overview Computer network technicians build and maintain computer networks used by company or education, government, and other institutions. Networks (Cable and Wireless) connecting desktop and laptop computers allow users to send electronic mail (e-mail) and to share data, computer applications, and Internet connections. As more and more organizations set up computer networks, the demand […]

As per Microsoft, following is usual job role of a desktop support technician. You can mention these points in your cover letter; • Liaise between customers and company • Instruct users on hardware and software dealings • Give feedback about customer requirements • Discuss with product team concerning how software works • Install, configure, and […]

A hotel room attendant is responsible for keeping guest rooms of a hotel, motel, lodge or inn cleaned, secured and maintained. They are expected to show a welcoming and charming style when interacting with consumers to project a positive image of the business. Their job requires effective communication and interpersonal skills. The following cover letter […]