Every cover letter for police officer resume should come into view as if it was individually typed. The letter must obey the rules to good business style and should be free of errors. Give the reader the impression that you specially selected this profession to serve the public.

It does not matter if you are sending a Police Officer cover letter to an unknown hiring manager or someone who know you already. A cover letter is an absolute necessity for record maintenance purposes and future considerations. Consider it good manners and proper business etiquette to do so as not sending in one may deem you lazy or non-professional or both!


Police Officer Cover Letter Example


Richard Plum

665 Some Street ✱ Fredrick, CO 90001
☏ (999) 999-9999 ✉ richard.plum @ email . com

December 11, 2013

Mr. Jeffery Moore
Senior Recruiter
Department of Colorado
12 Erin Loop
Fredrick, CO 90023


Dear Mr. Moore:

I read in the July 15th Fredrick Post classified section of your need of a Police Officer at the city of Fredrick. I am returning home after completing my police education from Washington Police Department and believe that I may have the necessary credentials for this post.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I worked as a trainee police officer in Washington and have had the opportunity to attain some of the more potent experiences of a police officer’s life. Having had the fortune of administering CPR and first aid procedures to a little girl who was a victim of a road accident and thereby saving her life, I believe that no work is more rewarding than that of doing what is lawfully correct. My areas of expertise include assisting police officers in patrolling activities, security checks, investigating reported crimes, interviewing suspects and witnesses and making arrests when necessary.

I will be in Fredrick by December 20 and will call you to see if it is possible to meet you in person to discuss the possibility of my working in this capacity. If you need any additional information, you may contact me at (9010) 999-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Richard Plum

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