Dialysis nurses work in the nephrology department of a hospital where they ensure care of patients with severe kidney disorders. They are specialized in performing dialysis procedures and after-care for patients, as an important part of the nephrology department.

Apart from acute patient care in a dialysis environment, dialysis nurses are expected to formulate care plans for patients under their supervison. This may include regular patient care activities including preparation for dialysis procedures.

A cover letter FOR Dialysis Nurse is a primary introduction of a job seeker to an employer. It actually entices the reader to view your resume and call you for an interview. A Dialysis Nurse cover letter is supposed to be used to emphasize key skills on your resume. Divide your letter into three paragraphs and ensure that it’s no longer than one page. You should address your letter to the person who has the power to hire you.

Have a look at the following cover letter sample for a Dialysis Nurse job that you can use to apply for this position.


Dialysis Nurse Letter Sample


30 Pintail Drive
Gillette, WY 63534

May 13, 2014

Mr. Ricky Vern
Manager Human Resources
Family Health Hospital
290 Central Avenue
Gillette, WY 73893


Dear Mr. Vern:

I am eager to acquire a position as a Dialysis Nurse with Family Health Hospital. I have been working as an RN for six years at Cole Cod Hospital and, after obtaining certification in nephrology, I am now ready to work in a specialized environment .

Being well conversant with all technical aspects of all types of dialysis procedures, I have been successful in handling dialysis procedures as “sit-in” nurse. With a special training in hemodialysis, I have a particular interest in appropriating dialysis treatment plans and assessing patients – both pre-procedure and post-procedure. With my demonstrated expertise in assessing patients, especially critically ill ones, and using critical thinking skills to determine the special needs of patients, I have been quite successful in managing all procedures in a professional manner. As required, I am BLS and CPR certified so able to perform emergency services in an efficient manner.

This role is important to me because intend to make a significant change in the life of patients. Please review my resume which will provide you with more information on my career goals and aspirations. I would appreciate a time when I can meet you in person and discuss the possibility of my working with you in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Emma Watson

Enc. Resume