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Writing a cover letter for new CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Resume is a tricky task because lack of experience makes it difficult to justify your candidacy for CNA position. But you do not need to worry in this situation as you can still prove yourself a best candidate by focusing on your transferable skills gained through your education, internships and real life experiences.

In your letter, do not mention that you are trying to enter in the job market or seeking to gain a valuable experience. Rather than writing you weak point (lack of experience), you should highlight your relevant skills and capabilities which would enable you doing this job effectively.

You may get help from the following cover letter example.


Sample Cover Letter for New CNA Graduates


666 Example Street
New York, NY 21147
(000) 090-0870
julia.th @ email . com

September 11, 2015

Ms. Sara Anderson
Hiring Manager
St. Louis Hospital
326 Some Street
New York, NY 01224


Dear Ms. Anderson:

I am writing to express my keen interest in working for the St. Louis Hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant. With my CNA Certification and eight months’ of relevant internship experience, I am eager to become an effective member of your nursing team.

As indicated in my my resume, I am well-versed in delivering the basic patient care services such as bathing, grooming and feeding. In addition, I am adept at taking and recording vital signs and assisting registered nurses in the routine work. Particularly, I am highly skilled in:

● Answering call signals
● Supplying and emptying bed pans
● Grooming and assisting patients
● Serving meal trays
● Assisting residents with menu selection
● Positioning and transporting patients
● Supervising exercise routines
● Setting up and providing leisure activities

Furthermore, I am able to perform all kinds of additional duties as assigned by seniors. My enthusiasm to learn new things will definitely help me achieving the long term goals of St. Louis Hospital.

I am certain that my qualifications make me good contender for Certified Nursing Assistant position at St. Louis Hospital and would like to meet with you to discuss this further. I’ll call you next week to confirm the receipt of my application. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 090-0870 or via email at julia.th @ email . com.

Thank you very much for considering my application for CNA position at St. Louis Hospital.



Julia Thompson

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