Kitchen Cleanliness
Date:      10/18/2012
To:          Debra Christian, Kitchen Attendant, Kemra Inc.,9 Napier Ct.,Plymouth,MI88892

Cc:          Gene Roddenberry, Manager Logistics, Kemra Inc.,9 Napier Ct.,Plymouth,MI88892

From:     Rose Shatner

RE:          Keeping Our Surroundings Clean

Priority: [High]

Starting November 1, 2012, we will be monitored for cleanliness and hygiene on a biweekly basis by the Plymouth Health Department. We were already very concerned about the hygienic conditions that we operate on at Kemper as there have been some cases of food poisoning within the office and we now have no choice but to ensure that these incidents do not occur again.

The Kemper kitchen needs to be in a sterilized state at all times without any leeway. A team from the logistics department will pay surprise visits to the kitchen each day for the next ten days. Please ensure that all proper procedures are followed as far as the kitchen premises, dishware and flatware and trash is concerned.

We will have a meeting on the October 29, 2012 in order to discuss what progress we have made, the schedule of which will be sent to you shortly. If you have any questions that you need to ask, please feel free to call me.