Cover letters for a transporter resume have the ability to either engage a potential employer or put him off completely. This is one of the main reasons career professionals emphasize the importance of writing a good cover letter.

A well written cover letter for Transporter position is one that is target oriented, possesses well researched information and shows your communication skills at their very best.


Transporter Cover Letter Example


66 Trail Ridge Road
Brookings, SD 45333

May 13, 2014

Ms. Anna M. Leison
Hiring Manager
Green Care Hospital
9 W 9th Avenue
Brookings, SD 12345


Dear Ms. Leison:

I recently became aware of your opening for a Transporter position at Green Care Hospital. Consequently, I am applying for the same because my expertise in providing transporter services, along with my solid background in patient care would enable me to enhance Green Care Hospital’s success in managing patients and related services.

Working for OD Healthcare in the same capacity for over 3 years has provided me with potent experience in this work. For instance, I have a demonstrated ability to transport patients and equipment between different units while ensuring their safety and well being. Moreover, I am able to perform necessary inspections to ensure that all equipment is maintained appropriately and put away after use. Additionally, I have a proven record of maintaining a friendly rapport with patients, families and co-workers.

My resume (enclosed) will highlight further insight into my talents and experiences relevant to your transporter’s job description. Again, I am positive that I will be a valuable addition to the staff of your hospital. I will call you after two weeks to arrange a time of interview and discuss the prospect of my joining at Green Care Hospital. In the interim, I can be reached at (079) 659-9019.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Paul Newman

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