Medical assistants work with hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities where their main job is to assist doctors with medical procedures and to manage their offices. They are required to work directly with patients and to manage administrative work as well.

A medical assistant needs a lot in terms of medical knowledge and skills. He needs to ensure that his medical terminology is excellent and that he as the ability and the acumen to manage administrative work. Medical assistants do not only perform assistantship duties and procedural work; they also perform some lab work including drawing blood and managing lab tests when the need arises.

Medical assistants need to be extremely outgoing and possess a pleasing personality as they deal with people continuously. In most practices, they provide tier one services which is why they need to possess a personality that rightly portrays their professionalism.

When applying for a job in this discipline, candidates will need to mention prudent qualifications and accomplishments on the resumes so that an employer has more of a reason to consider a candidate for a position. Let us see what some of these accomplishments may be.

Sample Accomplishments for Medical Assistant Resume

• Wrote a booklet titled “Answering Patient Questions” for the benefit of patient education.

• Implemented a system of auto appointments scheduling in order to manage the scheduling system appropriately – Increased efficiency by 30%.

• Centralized the medical records systems to smooth out records retrieval procedures which decreased retrieval time by 50%.

• Conceived the idea of managing separate accounting systems for staff and patients in order to orchestrate smooth accounting flow.

• Demonstrated extreme business acumen by creating and implementing activities designed for patient education and interaction with physicians.