One of the fastest growing careers in the United States of America is that of a medical assistant. Medical assistants acquire training in post secondary programs and earn either a diploma or a certificate that makes them eligible to apply for this position.

Job Overview

Medical assistants are a very important part of the healthcare industry. They are responsible for both clinical duties and administrative support which is the prime reason for their significance in this arena. A typical work day in a medical assistant’s life will include taking patients’ medical histories and vitals, preparing them for medical procedures and treatments, performing lab test,  handling patient admission procedures and performing clerical work.

It is usually quite a daunting task to apply for a first job especially in the healthcare industry where a lot of weightage given to an individual’s experience. However, if your application package is perfect, you do not need to worry about. As you begin to write your first cover letter remember that your knowledge and skills as a medical assistant can go a long way in the decision to hire you; which is why it is important that your cover letter focuses on these areas.

If you are ready to start your career as a medical assistant, you need to take ideas from the following cover letter format and sample to write an effective covering letter.

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Format of Medical Assistant Cover Letter – No Experience


Your Street Address
City, State and Zip Code


Mr./Ms.(Employer’s Name)
Organization Name
Street Address
City, State and Zip Code


Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name):

Opening Paragraph:
Begin the letter with a short opening paragraph explaining why you are writing. It should be no longer than two or three sentences. The first paragraph tells the reader that how you heard about the position and why you are interested in the medical assistant position. Is it your liveliness level? Your likely aptitude to work with the public? Your attention to detail? Your wish to help others? These little brief statements set the primary phase for your cover letter.

The body or second/third paragraph(s) will sum up your work experience and some qualifications that would assist you working as an efficient medical assistant. A lack of experience as a medical assistant is not a serious issue. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that the majority of medical assistants gets on-the-job training. Think of your most relevant skills, qualities and capabilities that match the requirements of the employer. Are you extremely detail-oriented? Do you have particular training or experience in customer service or secretarial work? Summarize this in few sentences.

Remember that this paragraph must spark the reader’s interest to learn more about you by seeing the attached resume. Do not replicate your entire resume or catalogue all of your work experiences. Be short and sum up key points and skills. You may not have hands-on experience as a medical assistant, but tell the recruiter why your knowledge, skills and abilities would make you a great contender of this job.

Write a final paragraph in a few sentences to close the letter. This section should point out your interest in discussing the job in an interview. Endow with contact information where the reader can reach you to call you for an interview. Thanks the employer in advance.



[Typed Name]



Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample – No Experience


883 South Street
Tacoma, WA 66739

April 15, 2014

Mr. Keith Young
Manager Human Resources
Adventist Health System
2190 Tacoma Avenue
Tacoma, WA 89837


Dear Mr. Young:

The advertisement for a Medical Assistant at Adventist Health System piqued my interest as I am well-prepared to start my career as a CMA. As a recently certified medical assistant from Pima Medical Institute, I fulfill the requirements that you have charted out in your job description. Also. I comprehend day-to-day operational demands of a busy healthcare facility such as the Adventist Health System.

As part of my training, I acquired extensive clinical and academic education focused on patient care. With some exposure to medical environments during the course of my training, I learnt the importance of the principles that affect the medical profession and I deem myself capable of handling this pressure by providing both clinical and administrative support. Using knowledge of carrying out laboratory procedures, patient care and doctors’ office management,  I am ready to get on board.

I would appreciate a chance to speak with you in person so I can elaborate on my skills and candidacy as a medical assistant. I will call your office in a week’s time to ask for a convenient meeting time. Alternately, I can be reached at (111) 111-1111.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Eva Baker

Eva Baker

Enc. Resume