If you want to become an accomplished Automotive Mechanic, you should possess the ability figure out what is wrong with the car, and ability to repair it. This will take a certain set of skills: your training, skills and expertise as well as your enthusiasm.

Technology in the 21st century is advancing rapidly. Vehicles nowadays have complex computer and electronic systems. As an automotive mechanic, you’ll need to understand and be able to work with these advanced systems. ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) is a certification you will need if you want to get ahead in the automotive mechanic industry.

The primary step in getting a job of Automotive Mechanic is your job application which contains your resume and cover letter for Automotive Mechanic position. In your resume, the objective statement is the major part which persuades the employer to read the rest of your resume. Therefore make it more attractive by using one from the examples below.


Automotive Mechanic Resume Objective Examples

• To obtain a position as an Automotive Technician with Car World utilizing experience in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining combustion-powered automotive vehicles, over-the-road trucks, and comparable vehicles to get the maximum ratio of recurring business

• Seeking a position as an Automotive Mechanic at Easy Car Repair utilizing car repairing experience and ASE Certification to provide total customer satisfaction

• To obtain a position as an Auto Mechanic with AutoNation using experience of repairing cars and a keen sense of refurbishing to contribute to the image of the company

• Looking for a Car Mechanic position at Sammy’s Car Repair. Offering extensive skills in diagnosing and repairing vehicle engines and electronic systems

• A position as an Automotive Mechanic with UPS employing technical and automotive knowledge to provide excellence in car repairing services