Complexity of a cover letter automatically enhances with the complexity of the position being applied for. Cover letters for technical positions demand special attention, same is the case with cover letters for medical lab technician (MLT) position.

MLT cover letters should possess some reflection of a sound understanding of field and related technology. On the other hand, usage of too many technological terms is not advisable. You need to build a balanced cover letter, which projects your expertise and knowledge in a very concise – to the point and job relevant manner.

Following is a good sample cover letter for the position of a medical lab technician.


Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Cover Letter Sample


Marc Chip
78 Rose Apartments
Hamilton Avenue
Plano, TX 78556
(000) 999-8888
marc.chip @ email . com

July 16, 2015

Ms. Charlotte Bryan
Senior Manager (HR)
Medics Lab
6877 Georgetown Towers
Plano, TX 78555


Dear Ms. Bryan:

I am very interested in the medical lab technician position at the Medics Lab, as advertised in the Daily Post. My Texas MLT license and eight years’ experience coupled with registration as a Medical Laboratory Technician with the ASCP, makes me a good candidate for this position.

As you can see from my enclosed resume, I offer the following competencies to Medics Lab in the capacity of a Medical Lab technician:

• Adept at performing manual and automated blood tests
• Well versed in preparing specimens for microscope examination
• Proficient in operating laboratory equipment including dry bath incubators, centrifuges, and blood bank refrigerators

In addition, my hands on experience of chemical testing and histological studies could come in very handy at your lab’s department of microscopic chemical studies. I believe my matchless skills of team motivation and inborn enthusiasm for research could be productively utilized at Medics Lab.

I intend to utilize all of my acquired skills and expertise to contribute to the mission of Medics Lab. I’ll call your office after 7 working days to further pursuit of this position. In the Interim, may you have any queries or require any documents from my side, please feel free to contact me at the above mentioned number.



Marc Chip

Enclosure. Resume