If you are an entry level candidate who has no experience and just starting his career path, or if you are changing your career at mid-level, be cautious about professions which are expected to stay secure as well as highly paid in 2013. Economic disorders and global slump in jobs have changed the setting in several professions and challenged predictable wisdom regarding a good career path.

We do not anticipate that the job demand graph will suddenly change on a drastic course as soon as the year 2013 hits. However, with trends and demands as they are nowadays, we do have some predictions based on strong research modules, which the five highest paid and most sought after jobs in 2013. Let’s have a look!


Best Jobs for 2013

5. Occupational Therapists
Surprised that this job made it to the list? Well why not? With so many occupational hazards eminent nowadays and thanks to the aging Baby Boomer population, it is no wonder that occupational therapists are in high demand! If you are training to be one you can easily earn about $72,000 a year!

4. Computer Engineers
Well, no need to explain this profession! Every organization needs computer engineers for their software and hardware solutions. No way can you escape from these people. At an average a computer engineer makes $ 78,000 and we foresee that they will be in high demand forever!

3. Mathematicians
This is a forever sought after profession owing to the fact that mathematics is the basics of all science practices and that too not in any one particular industry but as an over all demand. Mathematicians make $99,000 a year at an average and it is a known fact that even though the federal government is laying people off due to the recession, it is hiring mathematicians galore!

2. Human Resources Managers
It is a known fact that the previous generation of HR managers is retiring and the new one, well, is just not there. Considering that a human resource manager can earn approximately $ 99,000 a year, it is a wonder (and very odd) that not many people pursue this job. Hence the increase in demand!

1. Financial Planners
A financial planner is someone who tells you how you should use your money in order to make more money. Do you see these people going out of fashion? No way! Many people realize that they have not made the investments that they should have and time has run / is running out. Enter financial planners. You have a retirement plan and the people providing it earn approximately $100,000 a year!