Out on a job hunt? Well, you are definitely not alone!

According to a rough estimate, about 70% of America’s labor force is either seeking a new job, or looking for a job switch. The job market is very competitive these days, therefore, even the well qualified candidates find themselves utterly lost. It is very important to know the latest job market demands in order to get hired.


The latest flavor in the US job market is actually a combination of software engineering professionals, industrialists, marketing gurus, human resource managers and caretakers. Well, it sounds like a crazy mix, but that’s the way it is!

Majority of market watchers and analysts these days agree that care takers demand will grow in the coming year. As per the Bureau of labor statistics (US department of Labor), one field other than healthcare in which massive job demand increase is expected happens to be the goods-manufacturing-industry.


The post world war II generation, also known as the baby boomers have always been an initiator of change in the USA employment scenario. The boomers have seen wealthy years with abundance of food and value of labor; they are the ones who have enjoyed maximum employment benefits and always looked forward to a prosperous post retirement life.

In the immediate coming years, majority of this boomer generation is going into retirement. How can a generation that literally ruled the job market retire without affecting it?

With fast paced technological developments, job demands are also changing very quickly; and it is important to know about upcoming job trends; because, if your profession is in demand, your chances of getting hired automatically enhance. The year 2014 promises to bring a boom in many industries such as healthcare and technology. The financial sector is another industry that is expected to work better than it was in 2013.

Best Jobs for 2014 (By Industry)

Based on a systematic analysis of various national statistics and reviews, following is a list of the best and the most demanded jobs in the United States for the year 2014.

With the retirement of baby boomers, professionals in this department will be most in demand. In addition to doctors and registered nurses, demand of caretakers, social service assistants and companions will also enhance.

Due to large scale development on land throughout USA, manufacturing will be the most happening field in the coming year. This implies that a good amount of vacancies will be created in the goods-manufacturing-industry in 2014.

Computer and Software development 
With the fast paced advancement in technology, software development is a field that is bound to be demanded. Although the software job hype created in 2012 is slowly dying out, but still even in 2014, the software development industry will have more hiring potential than many other fields.

Where there is production, there always is need for marketers! Creative and innovative marketing personnel are expected to be in demand through 2014.

Human Resources
According to analysts, since competition is increasing very quickly in the job market, an average employer becomes confused when it comes to hiring the right candidate. It is expected that demand for trained HR managers will increase many times in the coming year.


Best Jobs for 2014 (By Profession)

IT Analysts
With a significant increase in the demand for IT and network systems analysts, this may be the field that you may work in. You will need to have a master’s degree in computer sciences or Information Technology to get a highly paid job in 2014.

Certified Nursing Assistants
Nursing Assistants are much in demand this year and are expected to be more so in the upcoming years. The baby boomer generation is growing older and the need for personal care providers and caregivers is increasing. People who are interested in the medical or nursing field can opt for working at this position as a first step.

Physical Therapists
There are not enough physical therapists to meet the growing demands for this position. With so many occupational diseases, physical therapists and assistants are popular career choices. You may want to look into it if you can manage the training and education required for this position.

Stress is an overly used word nowadays. Almost all of us need some type of outlet to deal with stress. Since stress is a major cause for so many diseases, especially autoimmune disorders, many people rush to psychologists to help them deal with their conditions. Being a psychologist is definitely worth it in the year 2014!

Medical and Dental Assistants
Like 2013, Medical and Dental assistants ! They are necessary part of healthcare facilities as they provide both procedural and administrative support. Since they hold an important position in a medical environment, medical assistants will always find jobs!


So, here is a piece of advice: If you are a student, choose your degree wisely. If you have qualified in a field that is not in demand, well, there’s always time for an additional diploma or a certificate to set your path straight; and if you are a professional looking for a job switch, 2014 might just bring the right opportunity your way!

Best of Luck!