This post lists the 5 most needed jobs of 2012-2013 and describes which jobs will most likely grow in the coming years. These most needed jobs of 2012-2013 have a number of educational requirements and if any of these jobs sound attractive to you, the recommended degree programs for each career are listed below.

5 Most Needed Jobs for 2012 – 2013

1. Physician Assistant:
As the healthcare business and require for physician assistants continues to raise, populace studying in the medical/healthcare field will see a lot achievement in finding a job upon graduation. In keeping with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the physician assistant program itself typically takes two years. Most citizens entering into these programs previously have a bachelor’s degree or health field linked experience. So as to start on the right path, a degree in Nursing or Surgical Technology would be suggested. In addition, completing a program to turn out to be an Emergency Medical Technician or a Paramedic can be advantageous. Requirements for the physician helper program can vary at every school.

2. Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant:
A job as a Physical Therapist needs a post-graduate degree certification from a recognized school. The BLS recommends the subsequent undergraduate programs as the most helpful for becoming a Physical Therapist: Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry, and Social Science. So as to turn out to be a Physical Therapist Assistant, schools offer a two year associate’s or official recognition program specially geared toward becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant.

3. Project Manager:
Since project managers can supervise projects in various industries a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Communications, or Business can all be helpful to the position. Project Managers are supposed to also have strong analytical and managerial skills. A number of schools offer master’s degree programs in Project Management or certificates that can be earned together with a bachelor’s degree.

4. Social Media Manager:
This is a somewhat new position that is becoming well-liked with the enlargement of social media sites and their exercise in marketing brands and monitoring brand discussions online. A bachelor’s degree in Marketing would be obliging in this career path. In addition, a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology might be of use, as it is significant to understand the association between marketing and technology that happens crossways the internet and in social media. Some colleges offer master’s programs in Internet Marketing which would help to add to your skills.

5. Staffing Manager:
Due to the high joblessness rate, natives are often settling for provisional positions in hopes of turning them into a lasting job. This created a boost in demand for Staffing Managers who assist these people and companies find each other. The suggested degree for this career is a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Business Administration, or Human Resources. It’s significant for a staffing manager to have well-built communication and managerial skills. Also, graduate degrees in the similar programs as mentioned above would be beneficial.