Personal carers perform some or all of the following duties in consultation with the Care coordinator. These responsibilities might be included in resume or a Personal Carer Cover Letter.

1. Provide Social/Emotional Support

Listening to and talking with a customer is a significant part of Personal Carer role. Often, Personal Carer might be the person’s only usual contact with the world and your presence gives the day some meaning.

2. Promote freedom of Individuals

It is significant for people to feel that they have power over over their own lives. By assisting clients only to do what they are not capable to do themselves, and to assist people learn a latest skill that will allow them to keep their worth of life and independence you are helping them to keep their independence and intellect of self-worth.

3. Perform Personal Care Tasks

Following tasks are specifically done by Personal Carers

a) Help and supervise bathing, showering or sponging in bed
b) Help with dressing and undressing
c) Help with grooming, shaving and hair care
d) Help with mobility

• In bed: to sit, to turn
• Out of bed: to stand and walk, to sit, to transfer to commode, wheelchair chair or vehicle

e) Help with eating and drinking, including cooking and preparation of special diets
f) Help with toileting
g) Assisting with arranged exercise or rehabilitation programs
h) Fitting of aids, appliances for example splints and calipers
i) Assisting with the supervision of medication