When applying for a babysitter position, you should ensure that the experience section of your resume is written in a compelling manner.

Following is the detailed list of job duties and responsibilities for babysitting resume. You may add these bullet phrases in your resume. Select 5 – 6 statements which are most relevant to the requirements of the employer.

In case, you worked as a babysitter previously, you should change these phrases into past tense.


Sample Job Description for Babysitting Resume

• Plan, prepare and arrange nutritious meals for children
• Bath and dress children
• Change diapers of infants and give toilet training to toddlers
• Serve meal and clean up dining area after meal
• Adhere to particular dietary rules of family
• Maintain grocery list
• Change and wash children’s sheets and towels
• Iron children’s clothes
• Carry out children’s shopping as directed by the parents
• Perform light housekeeping, laundry and dry cleaning tasks
• Accompany children in parks and activity clubs
• Keep children’s bathrooms and restrooms orderly throughout work hours
• Perform child related everyday jobs as directed by parents
• Transport children to and from school or bus stop
• Organize play group activities and gatherings with neighborhood children
• Prepare and pack children’s lunches
• Vacuum room and areas used by children
• Align and organize children’s bedroom and play areas
• Supervise children’s activities in their own rooms and play areas
• Walk dog at evening and care for other pets
• Manage laundry of whole family (sheets/towels and other linens)
• Carry out grocery shopping and run errands
• Oversee children’s homework
• Perform initial preparation of family’s dinner as directed by employer
• Keep the kitchen neat and orderly during work hours
• Greet and serve family guests
• Care for plants both indoor and outdoor
• Feed pets throughout work day as directed
• Empty and dispose kitchen garbage
• Maintain family accounts and pay bills
• Dust and vacuum house completely
• Brush and mop kitchen floor
• Book family travel arrangements
• Oversee other domestic staff
• Plan and organize family events and activities