Janitors work in a variety of settings; schools, hospitals, office buildings and private and government sector organizations. Their major task is to ensure that the assigned building and work area is kept in a clean and orderly condition. They perform general sanitization duties such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and removing rubbish. They may also tend furnaces and boilers and perform other general routine maintenance task.

Janitors need to be able to operate power tools so they need to understand cleaning equipment and the safety precautions that go with it. They may be required to go through janitorial training which may include previous experience and/or specific training regimes. Training is important in this field primarily because of the need to mix chemicals safely and to use tools properly.

If you are looking for a position as a janitor, you may need to write an effective resume and provide information about your specific skills in your resume. While the skills section must consist of a list of proficiencies that you possess, the most important is the resume objective which depicts core skills too.

Here are the best examples of objective statements for a janitorial resume which will work wonderfully for your resume:


Janitorial Resume Objective Examples

• Proactive and energetic cleaning professional looking for a position as a Janitor with Embassy Suites Hotels where strong skills in cleaning and maintenance will be utilized to ensure high sanitation standards.

• Seeking a position of Janitor with Nashville High School making the most of my cleaning experience in ensuring hygienic and sanitation conditions within an academic setting.

• A Janitor position with Amway Inc. Offering extensive knowledge of cleaning equipment and chemicals mixing, while keeping safety hazards in consideration.

• A position of Janitor at Delta Associates. Bringing detail orientation and experience in janitorial duties on a multinational level.

• Seeking a position as a Janitor for Keiser Hospital using contemplative mind and the ability to follow work through in a highly stimulating environment.