A cover letter for computer network technician resume is very important if you want to get an interview call. The following sample will assist you while writing your cover letter for computer network technician position.

Computer Network Technician Job Description

Computer network technicians build and uphold computer networks used by company, education, government, and the like institutions. Networks (Cable and Wireless) connecting desktop and laptop computers allow users to send electronic mail (e-mail) and to share data, computer applications, and Internet connections. As more and more organizations set up computer networks, the demand for skilled computer network technicians will raise by time.


Computer Network Technician Cover Letter Sample


255 New Valley Street
San Diego, CA 54147

May 28, 2013

Mr. Davis Arnold
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
214 Palm Way Street
San Diego, CA 53698


Dear Mr. Arnold:

Your Computer Network Technician position demands the skills, aptitudes, and work ethic that I have developed as a Network Support Officer at my previous organization. A recent computer science graduate with a major in computer networks, I am enthusiastic to leverage my practical and academic experience to contribute to your bottom line.

In keeping with your requirements, I have strong skills and experience to design computer networks and putting the finalized network structures into practice. Most usually, I can administer existing computer networks and troubleshoot problems as they occur. I am also expert in analyzing costs and requirements and selecting the suitable media such as twisted-pair coaxial cable, copper wire, fiber-optic cable or wireless for a specified situation. I can also recommend; suitable network, proper layouts, and correct devices in line with the requirements of systems.

As you are looking for a candidate who can become accustomed and contribute to your different network projects, I hope you will consider my credentials. I can be reached at 619-999-9999 or via email at [Email Address].

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Johnson Smith

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