The designation “recruiter” is self-explanatory. Recruiters works with the human resource department of a company to scrutinize, interview and hire personnel for a particular job. Technically, recruiters are expected to study a company’s plans and objectives and then interview and hire people who meet those requirements. They discuss a company’s need for personnel with managers and determine applicant requirements. They create job advertisements in order to attract applicants and contact other recruiters using job sites and news groups.

Recruiters determine applicants’ qualifications by interviewing them. They are expected to analyze responses, compare job descriptions with qualifications and verify references. It is the job of a recruiter to ensure that a manager is aware of the qualifications and eligibility of applicants being interviewed so that valuable input can be managed. Recruiters also develop and implement strategic initiatives for interviewing and hiring the right candidates.

Recruiters play a vital role in an organization as they perform duties which are focused primarily on the staffing needs of a company. They work closely with hiring managers and the human resource department in order to ensure that only the right candidates are interviewed and hired.

If you are in the process of preparing an interview for the position of a recruiter, the following interview questions (and potential answers you would like to hear) should help you prepare yourself.

Recruiter Interview Questions and Answers

What made you decide to pursue a career as a recruiter?
Personality analysis is my forte. I like interacting with people and attempting to judge just how they will perform in a professional environment. More often than not, I have been successful in hiring the right person for the right position!

What is your greatest strength as a recruiter?
I am able to work extremely well in a high volume environment. If I have a full day of interviews, I know just how to manage them so that I do not get physically or mentally exhausted and end up muddling an interview. Also, I know my limit which is why I am usually successful in all endeavors I undertake.

What do you feel is the best way of assessing a candidate for a position?
If you are aware of what the company wants in an employee, there is never a problem in choosing one. I read and discuss the job description provided to me in great detail. I also ensure that I have read and understood the company’s policies and procedures. As soon as I come across a candidate who fulfills the company’s criteria, I know I have the right person.

Have you ever had to break a company’s rule to hire someone?
Never! This type of an action can pose serious consequences. I work to provide companies with what they want without compromising on their rules.

What do you feel is the direst consequence of a recruiter’s job?
A wrong decision! While I take great pains to ensure that the person I have hired is actually workable for a company, sometimes it backfires. While I don’t mull on my decision to hire such a person, I believe it can be a serious letdown to a company and me too. Having to start all over again is quite dreadful.