Human Resource Coordinators organize the secretarial tasks of HR Department and assist in hiring, firing, retention and other administrative tasks.

There is a lot that comes under the umbrella of this job, therefore, an HR Coordinator is required to master of all HR related functions.

Let us look at an example of a cover letter that someone at this position might use to support an HR Coordinator Resume.




Cover Letter for HR Coordinator Resume

6 Lander Street
Lynn, MA 44443

September 23, 2012

Mr. John Lithgow
HR Manager
Prolific Times
77 Sears Road
Lynn, MA 43434


Dear Mr. Lithgow:

I am extremely interested in the Human Resources Coordinator position with Prolific Times, as advertised in The Daily News. My strong secretarial skills, experience in managing HR functions, ability to maintain confidentiality and excellent judgment capabilities makes me an outstanding candidate for this job.

As you’ll note from my enclosed resume, I possess a profound ability to communicate well at all levels of an organization. I thoroughly understand the clerical and support duties of an HR Coordinator and possess the decision-making power that is required by your company.

Particularly, I am highly skilled in:

  • Taking new employees on board, offering employment letters and performing related paperwork
  • Conducting new employee orientation sessions
  • Managing personnel agreements
  • Providing support during contract negotiations
  • Developing staffing strategies
  • Organizing training programs
  • Preparing confidential documents for HR Department

Furthermore, my natural ability to promote collaboration, in order to be able to work in a team environment, has been a source of inspiration for my colleagues. As a coordinator, I am at ease working with employees to resolve issues and make appropriate suggestions that comply with the company’s policies. Additionally, my hands-on experience has instilled in me the ability to deal with both the hiring and the firing processes in a manner that uses sound judgment and professionalism.

With full of enthusiasm, I would like to meet you so that we can discuss this Human Resources Coordinator position further. I will call your office after one week to ask about the likelihood of an interview and will be available at (254) 888-5621 if you need to reach me.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Best Regards,

Casey Junior

Enc. Resume