A concierge is a worker of hospitality and corporate settings who serves guests’ request for their requirements by introducing the right host. In hotel setting, they act as a primary information source of the Hotel by providing particular help and information regarding hotel services and local area attractions to customers.

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Concierge Resume Example


Alvita Nathanial

2212 Peter Street, Williamson, WV 13343
Contact # , Email Address


Committed to satisfy the needs of guests in a fast paced environment.

• Over 3 years’ experience performing Concierge duties at the Regency Inn
• Demonstrated ability to deal with different guests some of whom require a high levels of patience and tact
• Well versed in anticipating guests’ need and responding appropriately
• Profound experience in detecting signs of emergency and react immediately
• Proficient in handling and responding to customers’ needs pertinent to meals, cleanliness and organization of their space

• Ability to perform all functions with detail and accuracy
• Good judgment especially in time of crises
• Demonstrated ability to follow directions accurately
• Profound ability to comprehend guests’ needs
• Proven ability to maintain confidentiality
• Bilingual – English and Polish


Regency Inn, Williamson, WV
Concierge | Feb 2009 – Present

• Greet guests as they arrive and depart
• Follow up on guest inquiries
• Coordinate and manage requests for special arrangements
• Escort guests to their assigned rooms
• Ensure rooms are serviced appropriately and meals are served accurately and on time
• Transport dirty linen to be cleaned
• Set up stock and maintain work areas
• Assist other departments in order to provide excellent customer services

Lowe’s – San Francisco, CA
Greeter | Sep 2008 – Feb 2009

• Greeted guests with a professional and friendly manner
• Answered incoming telephone calls in a polite and obliging manner
• Maintained a tidy entrance area

• Worked as an assistant guest relation officer as part of an internship program at Four Seasons during summer holidays

High School Diploma | City School, San Francisco, CA – 2007