Applying for a Convenience Store Cashier position might seem easy and straightforward task, but remember, a lot of competition exists for grocery positions. You have to win over teenagers, students, experienced and even highly experienced retired persons. So you shouldn’t compose your resume speedily; take some time to add a number of important phrases that might catch the attention of the hiring manager.

The information in a Convenience Store Resume needs to be very precise and accurate as the structure of a resume demands it. While CVs can hold a lot of information as they are technically longer documents, a resume cannot be spread over more than two pages. Hence, the need for preciseness and accuracy is absolutely essential. Look at the following template which will guide you how to write a good resume for Convenience Store Cashier position.


Convenience Store Cashier Resume Example


 Bruce Wilson(999) 979-9949
bruce @ email . com
 73 Sleepy Brook Way
Boca Raton, FL 88822

CAREER OBJECTIVE:Looking for a position as a Cashier at Boca Raton Convenience Store where proven cash drawer experience and exceptional customer service skills will be utilized to orchestrate smooth functioning.

• Nearly three years of hands-on experience as a Cashier
• Highly skilled in using POS (Point of Sales) touch screen register and handling cash
• In depth knowledge of cost control
• Able to maintain health and safety standards
• Proficient in stocking and rotating retail items
• Good understanding of the different ways to employ procedures to resolve customer complaints


✔ Performed managerial duties for three months in the absence of the store manager
✔ Commended with the Employee of the Month award for punctuality and excellent customer services
✔ Identified a discrepancy in cash which saved $50000 of store


Convenience Store Cashier | K-Mart – Boca Raton, FL | October 2009 – Present

• Handle the POS system
• Stock shelves and ensure all shelves are filled at all times
• Clean and maintain cleanliness of counter tops
• Relay product knowledge to customers and assist with shopping
• Act as medium of communication between management and customers
• Calculate payment at the end of the day
• Resolve customer complaints
• Assist with paperwork
• Assist in cost control and inventory

High School Diploma – 2008

• Ability to work in a fast paced environment
• Good attention to detail
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Positive attitude and pleasant demeanor