A food and beverage server is usually the first point of contact in a hospitality environment. He or she is expected to greet customers and provide them with preliminary service and seating information. This job requires a person to write a resume that holds excellent information on his skills and experiences when applying for a job.

Following is a sample resume for F&B Server provided to you by the US top resume writers. The purpose of this example is to familiarize you with a good resume format and style.

Restaurant Server Resume Sample
Food and Beverage Server Cover Letter


Food and Beverage Server Resume Sample


Leila Hyden

3922 Sutton Place ● Gainesville, FL 99999 ● (901) 999-0409 ● Email

OBJECTIVE: Desire a Food and Beverage Server position at the Royal Palm Hotel. Offering expertise in first tier customer services along with a solid background in a service oriented hospitality setting.

• Functional experience of working in Food and Beverage industry for three years
• Highly skilled in providing first contact customer services
• Proven ability to provide patrons with personal attention in order to make them more comfortable in the environment
• Able to provide service in a courteous and efficient manner while maintaining a clean work area

• Managed three groups of customers simultaneously by providing them with tier one and two services
• Trained exclusively and promoted from maintenance worker to Food and Beverage Server following exceptional services to the hotel’s guests


Hyatt – Gainesville, FL
Food and Beverage Server (Feb 2008 – Dec 2012)

• Greeted customers as they arrive
• Managed seating arrangements
• Provided menus and take orders
• Served food and beverages
• Offered welcome drinks to customers
• Took orders and delivered food
• Ensured accuracy and speed of order
• Assisted in the kitchen when needed
• Cleaned and bussed tables as needed

Diploma: CITY SCHOOL, Gainesville, FL, 2008

• Cool Temperament; able to remain polite even in unpleasant circumstances
• Able to check guest’s identification Accurately
• Excellent ability to work in a fast paced environment
• Great attention to detail