Technically, estheticians are skin care professionals who provide dedicated care to their patients’ skin. Their main objective is to ensure that that the appearance of a patient’s skin is maintained appropriately and that any skin related issues or diseases are managed effectively. You need to possess a license in cosmetology to work as an esthetician.

With the advent of so many different careers, there is much competition when it comes to choosing a good resume format. Employers spend only 15 seconds to view a resume; boring or mundane resumes are tossed aside and appealing resumes are picked up. Let’s take an example of a resume for an esthetician’s position – what will an employer want to see in a resume? Look below!!!

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Esthetician Resume Sample


 Augusta Road, Ellisville, MS 73900
(999) 999-9999, Email:
 Marcy Pollock


Highly-proficient, creative professional with 10+ years’ successful experience in a cosmetology environment. Distinguished strengths in enhancing clients’ personal appearances using the latest technology. Special talent for performing skin analysis to determine plan of treatment. In depth knowledge of skin care products and their safe applications. Hands-on experience in using the latest laser technology and tools to manage cosmetic procedures.

● Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology License
● CPR and First Aid Certified


• Introduced a topical long term solution for Eczema for clients experiencing chronic problems
• Wrote a paper on Pemphigus Vulgaris and its management through cosmetology procedures
• Concocted a home-made cream from honey and herbs now being sold under a brand name
• Trained newly hired employees as assistant estheticians for deployment to the spa’s branches across the state


Life Spa, Ellisville, MS                                                        Jan 2006 – Present

• Analyze clients’ skin and determine plan of action
• Prepare treatment rooms and equipment
• Perform treatment procedures using laser and other technologies
• Perform foto-facial and skin rejuvenation therapies
• Manage body contouring procedures for clients
• Suggest products and topical medication to clients

ABC Clinic, Ellisville, MS                                                  Jan 2003 – Dec 2005
Assistant Esthetician

• Greeted clients and recorded information regarding individual skin problems
• Provided clients with information on the spa’s services and procedures
• Assisted in preparing treatment rooms and assisting the esthetician with procedures
• Maintained client records in database


G.E.D. | Ellisville High School, Ellisville, MS    – 2005