An entry level position of customer service requires excellent verbal and communication skills in addition to good organizational and time management skills. The educational requirement for this job is usually a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.

Writing an attractive cover letter is a tricky task for entry level, career changers or fresh grad having no prior experience. A good letter will draw the reader in and entice him to read your enclosed résumé. Alternatively, a bad one can eliminate you from the running previous to your résumé gets read. So, be careful!!

Keep in mind that a cover letter serves as the foreword to your résumé. You should never send a resume without a covering letter. It should be tailored for every position for which you express interest. In addition, your career objective must be included in the letter.

In an entry level cover letter for customer service representative, use bullet statements in second paragraph to draw attention of employer towards your key skills and abilities. Look at the example below in order to get the basic idea. You can change the bulleted points as per job requirements.


Sample Entry Level Customer Service Cover Letter


68 Example Ave
Draper, UT 65983

July 30, 2013

Mr. Richard Joe
Section Manager
14 South Street
Draper, UT 69258


Dear Mr. Joe:

I would like to submit my resume as a job application for the position of Customer Service Representative at ActiveNetwork, as advertised in the March 14th issue of the Utah Journal. I personally use a number of your products and become very familiar with your business, accuracy and reliability.

According to the requirements stated in your job description, I have the following skills and abilities which distinguish me for your Customer Service Representative position:

► Highly skilled in handling walk-in customers, incoming calls and email support requests
► Proven ability to rectify problems and answer general questions
► In-depth knowledge of educating and explaining product features and functionality to customers

As a fresh and enthusiastic candidate with full of energy and potential, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my education and knowledge are consistent with your job specific requirements. I will contact you within one week to find out the possibility of arranging an interview. In the mean time, I can be reached at [Contact #] or [Email Address]

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Anna Anderson