A truck driver is a person who drives a truck to deliver goods to set destinations. These set destinations can often be in different cities. You have to have specific certifications for specific kinds of jobs, and to be able to drive specific kinds of trucks. For example, if you are certified to drive a furniture delivery truck within the city, you can’t drive a long, heavy trailer truck until you get the right certification. There are five different kinds of certifications.

Needless to say, you must be in good physical condition as duty hours can be long ones. Driving a truck for hours and sometimes days at a time can be extremely tiring. Truck drivers on long hauls love the freedom that comes with traveling a good bit of their time.

The job of a truck driver is an extremely important one. For example, before Australia’s road trains, which are actually trailer trucks, came into being, it was enormously difficult and expensive to transport food and other essential commodities inside the country.

So now, let’s put everything together and make some resume objective statements. Remember, the objective statement is what prospective employers look at first, so the resume with the best objective statement wins!

Truck Driver Resume Objectives

• Energetic, confident individual seeking work as a Truck Driver with Alpha Truckers where I may use my considerable trucking skills along with a great ability to drive in a safe manner in order to provide excellence in delivery services.

• To work as a Truck Driver for Edmonton Goods utilizing excellent navigation skills along with the great ability to follow best driving practices.

• Looking for a Truck Driver position with the Core Couriers employing extensive driving experience and training in order to manage efficient deliveries.

• A Truck Driver position at Tech Truckers making the most of extensive driving experience along with a profound ability to work with maps and the GPS system to accurately make chart routes and make deliveries.

• To obtain employment as a Truck Driver with Calgary Trucking Services where I may be able to use my expertise in driving heavy vehicles in a safe manner along with an excellent ability to perform preventive maintenance tasks effectively.