A cover letter, also known as a letter of introduction or application alternatively, usually accompanies a resume whenever a candidate applies for a Forklift Driver position. It is basically an explanation of your resume. Its function is to relate your job relevant skills form the resume with the employer’s needs.

All resumes must be accompanied and endorsed by cover letters since resumes with cover letters assist in building a rapport with the employer, thus enhancing the candidate’s chances of being selected.

Following is a sample forklift driver cover letter for your guidance.


Forklift Driver Cover Letter


Davis Hall
48 North side Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76889
(066) 333.4444
davis. hall @ email . com

December 26, 2013

Mr. Jamie Wright
CEO Wright Foods
67 Remington Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76889


Dear Mr. Wright:

I came to know of your need for an experienced, skilled and certified forklift driver via indeed.com. I would like to apply for the position of forklift driver because I believe my profile is the right fit for this position at Wright Foods. I offer all the skills required by the position, mentioned in your advertisement in addition to some other relevant skills.

The following comparison will help you in determining my candidacy for the position in question:

Your Requirements

● A certified and skilled forklift driver

I offer

➜ A state approved and certified forklift driver in possession of a valid forklift driving license

● Forklift equipment maintenance skills➜ Matchless expertise regarding precautionary maintenance  of forklift equipment
● Knowledge of pallet building and handling➜ Track record of processing pallets safely and transporting the same at the desired location
● Damage free Merchandise displacement inventory maintenance➜ Skilled in keeping merchandise displacement inventory updated and timely checked
● inter warehouse movement of merchandise➜ Efficient in careful inspected transportation of pallets from one warehouse to other

My fork lifting acumen and relevant staff training skills could come in very handy for the Wright Food’s Forklift platform. I offer Wright Foods executive fork lifting skills and expertise that will enhance transportation of merchandise by many times. My enclosed resume will provide you with further details regarding my accomplishments and potential as a forklift driver.

I will wait for an interview call from you enthusiastically. I also intend to call in at your office to ensure the receipt of this application by the end of this week. If you have any queries in the interim, or require any documents, please feel free to contact me at (066) 333.4444.



Davis Hall

Resume Enclosed