Dietitians work with healthcare providers to devise appropriate meal and diet plans for patients. This position is not always associated with a physician and dietitians have the provision of working on their own. However, every dietitian needs to look closely at a doctor’s orders before devising an appropriate plan. The following resume and this Dietitian cover letter example will provide you further information how to make a complete application package.


Dietitian Resume Example

Andrea Jacob
6 Quantum Leap Lane, Bowie, MD 55343
(111) 999-9009, Email

CAREER OBJECTIVE (See: Dietitian Resume Objectives)
To work for Columbus Diets as a Dietitian where I may use my comprehensive knowledge of diet planning in order to assist patients with living a full and healthy life

• Over nine years of experience working as a Dietitian with Bowie National Hospital
• Highly skilled in planning and implementing appropriate diet plans
• In depth knowledge of common health issues and their implications on diets
• Hands on experience in managing nutrition related to clinical applications

• Devised a system that takes available patient data and provides an automated response to particular diet needs
• Wrote a paper on the nutritional value of tea which was published in the magazine Nutrition Today

July 2003 – Present
Dietitian – Bowie, MD
Bowie National Hospital
• Perform assessment and development of care plans
• Instruct patients about the need for alteration in current diets
• Work closely with patients and physicians to devise and implement individual appropriate diet and nutrition plans
• Psychoanalyze patients to determine mental blocks pertaining to food binges
• Work with individuals to determine specific nutritional needs based on health factors and medication
• Counsel patients about the need to alter diets in order to bring about health and vitality

University of Maryland, Bowie, MD
Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Science – 2002
GPA: 3.54

• Good communication skills
• Excellent ability to work with a diversity of populace
• Outstanding patient service skills
• Ability to work in stressful situations
• Working knowledge of current diet trends and diseases affecting diets