Healthy food is a need and not an option anymore. With more and more diet related diseases on the rise, the need for dieticians and dietary aides is growing too. Many people turn to professionals to help them combat diseases associated with health or simply to lose weight by following a healthy diet. Dietary aides hold important positions as they assist dieticians in helping clients or patients devise and carry out diet plans.

Job Description

Working in many different types of facilities such as hospitals, health clubs and sanatoriums, dietary aides perform a huge array of duties. More often than not, dietary aides encourage patients during entire meals and talk them through bad eating habits.

Consultation is the most important part of a dietary aide’s work. A dietary aide interviews patients to determine diet and lifestyle modification needs and prepares guidelines in accordance to the supervising dietician’s instructions. They consult patients about their food preferences, decipher what types of foods patients should or should not eat.

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Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Dietary Aide

• Assist licensed dietitians interviewing patients to determine their individual diet needs

• Take clients’ medical histories to rule out food allergies and to determine chronic illnesses

• Confer with patients to understand their food preferences and dislikes

• Provide consultation to patients regarding changing lifestyles and eating habits

• Prepare a menu for each individual patient depending on his or her physical and medical condition and likes and dislikes

• Provide assistance to the cook by giving out instructions for specific meals for specific patients

• Arrange food items and health drinks on the tray and carry meals to the patients

• Ensure that each patient eats his or her meal in an attempt to ensure proper calorie intake

• Make sure that all food items are prepared under total hygienic conditions

• Give pep talks to patients during, before and after meal times

• Observe changes in patients’ conditions such as lowering of blood pressure in hypertensive patients and weight loss

• Document any changes in patients’ files and provide periodical updates to the dietician

• Handle between meal nourishment duties such as providing patients with fruits and health drinks

• Ensure that each patient takes his or her medication on time

• Clean food preparation areas in order to maintain sanitization standards