Dental hygienists work with a team of dental professionals and aim to clean teeth, communicate with patients to decipher their dental issues and to formulate a plan. This position also requires a strong administrative acumen in order to manage a dentist’s office as well.

If you are a professional dental hygienist or just got training for it (i.e. no experience in hand), you will need to ensure that your cover letter for Dental Hygienist position sells your skills in a reader friendly way. Let us look at an example below.



Sample Cover Letter for Dental Hygienist Resume


536 S 1st Street
Aberdeen, SD 64902

August 24, 2015

Mr. Harrison Ford
Manager HR
Dental Aesthetics
89 134th Street
Aberdeen, SD 63736


Dear Mr. Ford:

I would like to apply for the position of a Dental Hygienist at the Dental Aesthetics, as advertised in the Daily Times. With my training and license in dental hygiene and one year of hands on experience, I am quite confident that I will be a valuable addition to your facility.

During my experience and training, I have developed a strong expertise in evaluating a patient’s overall oral health and following through with oral hygiene procedures based on patient’s individual health history. Since I have extensive knowledge of dental terminology, I can effectively provide hygiene instructions to patients along with dispensing oral hygiene aids in an effectual manner.

Particularly, I am highly skilled in:

• Removing stains, and plaque from patient’s teeth
• Applying sealants and fluorides to help protect teeth
• Taking and developing dental x-rays
• Documenting patient treatment data and plans

With my ability to manage both procedural and administrative sides of a dental facility, I can contribute effectively in your clinic’s success. I look forward for an opportunity to meet with you so we can discuss the possibility of my role at Dental Aesthetics on a more professional level. You may reach me at (203) 222-2222 if you need any further information regarding my credentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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Sara Tobags

Enc. Resume