Wherever there are goods or services to sell, there is involvement of customer services personnel. These people are trained individuals who assist customers with everything that has anything to do with the product that they are selling. They are responsible for providing product or service information, handle queries, provide pricing information and also perform general clerical duties.

Customer services personnel need to possess skills that do justice to this position. They need to be extroverts with a high ability to work under stress and need to ensure that they have the capacity to deal with all kinds of people.

If you are applying for a position in the customer services department of any company, you will need to ensure that your resume oozes customer orientation. This is especially true of the objective statement which is what makes the first impression of a resume – either good or bad. Here are a few examples of customer service objectives that you can take ideas from:

Customer Service Resume Objectives

a) Energetic and confident professional looking for a position as a Customer Service Associate with Dane Foods utilizing friendly demeanour, skills in situation analysis and client needs evaluation to get the maximum level of satisfaction of guests

b) A position of Customer Services Representative with Dell using exceptional problem solving acumen and inborn skills to uphold the company’s image before its customers

c) To obtain a position as a Customer Service Representative with Belladonna Group. Offering profound ability to create a positive impression before customers in order to build and retain customer base

d) Customer Service Manager position with Telekom. Bringing exceptional customer care skills pertaining to establishing rapport, maintaining a positive communication equation and putting forward an focused attitude

e) Seeking a Customer Service Intern position with Nestle where I may employ my profound customer retention skills along with the ability to up-sell and provision of a positive organizational image