Customer service agent covers a variety of positions, all of which are very important to any airline or a company that deals with the public. They make a business look highly regarded and take care of customers by ensuring their contentment.

Here is a sample cover letter for a customer service agent resume. This sample help job seekers make a perfect job application set.



Cover Letter for Customer Service Agent


Jane Doe

21 Example Street, Torrance, CA 32511
(000) 985-4576 ● [Email Address]

Monday, January 11, 2016

Mr. John Peter
Personnel Manager
AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc.
51 New Street
Torrance, CA 32564

Re: Customer Service Agent (Job # 32454)

Dear Mr. Peter:

Please consider me as an applicant for the Customer Service Agent position in AIT Worldwide Logistics, that was announced in the Daily Dawn. My exceptional communication skills coupled with great customer service acumen makes me the right contender for this position.

Through my education and professional experiences, I have gained strong skills in providing excellent service to visitors and customers. I am able to greet clients efficiently, resolve inquiries and complaints in a professional manner and provide prompt responses to phone or e-mail communication and written messages. I enjoy resolving complains of customers through my good problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

In addition, I am proficient in Microsoft Office Applications specifically Word, Excel, Outlook, database and web-based applications.Please see my enclosed resume for details about my qualifications and skills which are desirable for this position.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss this Customer Service Agent position with you in person. I will contact after five working days to follow-up and possibly arrange an interview at the time of your convenience. In the interim, I can be reached on my cell phone at (000) 985-4576.



Jane Doe