Members of a cabin crew are responsible for ensuring that passengers on board a flight are comfortable at all times. They provide passengers with food and drinks, pillows and assistance with activities inside a plane. They are also responsible for the safety of the passengers which is why they are trained in both first aid and CPR. Cabin crew members are required to attend briefings before taking off and required to write post flight reports at times.

If you are a member of an airline’s cabin crew, it is a given that you will be away from home a lot. Actually, more than a lot! The perks and the opportunity to explore many cultures and landmarks more than make up for the homesickness though. Cabin Crew members are required to have certain specific personalities which enables them to work well in the environment that they spend most of their time in. The skills that they possess need to be extremely passenger oriented. These skills need to be depicted especially in their resumes.

Here is a list of resume objective statements that are targeted to company and depict precise skills to perform this job perfectly.


Cabin Crew Resume Objective Statements

• Seeking a position of Cabin Crew with British Airways where I may apply my bilingual skills and professional attitude to provide passengers with maximum comfort and marvelous flight experience

• A position of Cabin Crew with Lufthansa Air. Offering excellent customer care experience and passenger safety training

• To obtain a position of Cabin Crew Member at Air America utilizing my profound hospitality skills and well spoken and approachable personality

• Looking for a Cabin Crew position with Pan American Airlines where I may employ my skills in cabin operations and friendly demeanor to provide in-cabin services to on board passengers

• Desire a Cabin Crew position with Armand Air. Offering high experience in working with passengers from different cultural backgrounds and aviation relevant on-flight skills