Electricians work everywhere. Wherever there is electricity, you will find these very nice gentlemen doing their best to ensure that you are provided with the best in electrical services.

The covering letter for an Electrician Resume shows the hiring managers why they should consider you. As it is the initial impression you make on the employer and shows how well you can perform to contribute to efficiency of electrical systems. Since it is a highly skilled job, the job application cover letter should be written very cautiously.

Electrician Cover Letter Guidelines

• An Electrician’s Cover Letter should never exceed one page
• Break the letter’s content into short 3 to 4 paragraphs – It will make it easier to read
• Draw attention to your most relevant skills and qualifications that would benefit the employer
• Try to create a specialized touch
• Never send your job application/resume by regular mail/email without a cover letter

People looking for an electrician job are free to customize the following cover letter sample to their skills.


Electrician Cover Letter Sample


899 Pine Cliff Tarn
Acworth, GA 77773
(300) 333-3333
armand.cole @ email . com

October 15, 2013

Mr. Andrew Gilbert
Manager Human Resources
Pillar Innovations
6 Greenland Drive
Acworth, GA 47474


Dear Mr. Gilbert:

I came across your advertisement for the position of an Electrician at Pillar Innovations and sending my resume for your consideration. I am an MSHA certified electrician with almost a decade of work experience in both maintenance and construction service provision.

I am a strong candidare for this job because I am well versed in installing, inspecting, and repairing wires. Moreover, I have hands-on experience in maintaining a variety of electrical systems and equipment including lighting fixtures, switches, main electric panel boxes, receptacles,  conduit or metal flex, and the like.

During the years of my service, I have acquired thorough knowledge of the National Electrical Code and my familiarity with high voltage terminations and electrical schematics is quite up to date. With a strong believe in preventive maintenance, I would be able to ensure accident prevention and provide safe electrical solutions to my clients.

This opportunity excites me tremendously because I possess the right skillset to contribute to your bottom line. I am passionate about meeting with to discuss my qualifications in detail. I intend to contact your office after one ween to set up an appointment. You may also contact me at (300) 333-3333 if you need any further information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Armand Cole

Enc. Resume