Cover letters for Project Coordinator Resume provide you with the opportunity to:

• Instigate a primary contact with the prospective employer and introduce your qualifications and skills

• Respond to advertised jobs or inquire about any future openings

• Complement your resume and show eagerness and interest in the Project Coordinator job

• Highlight significant information that might not present in the resume

Project Coordinator Job Description

Project coordinators ensure that the projects that they are responsible for have all aspects well coordinated in order to meet a set deadline. Project coordinators often have to maintain liaison between different departments in order to achieve this.

A typical cover letter for this position will consist of the following information.


Project Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


90 Grove Street N
Mora, MN 24232

June 17, 2015

Ms. Lisa Nelson
Project Manager
Lead Works
7 3rd Street N
Mora, MN 23232

Re: Project Coordinator Position (Job ID 5435)

Dear Ms. Nelson:

From the Lead Works’ website, I learned about your need of a Project Coordinator. I am interested in obtaining this position as my experience in project coordination and management along with a degree in management are adequate to perform well under this role.

After the completion of my bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Mora, I secured a position with UNDP as a Project Coordinator. Having worked extensively in coordinating activities between departments to ensure that all projects under my belt are managed within their set deadlines, I have acquired exceptional organizational skills. In addition to that, I possess the ability to research and consolidate information and accurately document credentials of a project for reporting purposes.

With stellar interpersonal skills and a thirst for exceptional work ethics, I am confident that I will be an asset to your organization. I will appreciate you going through my resume (enclosed) as it will provide you with further insight into my abilities to perform the job efficiently. I will call your office next week to ask for an interview and will be available at (010) 336-6666 if you need to contact me.

Thank you in anticipation of considering my application for the Project Coordinator position at Lead Works.



Lindsay Lohan

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