Cooks work in a variety of establishments; from private homes and hospitals to high profile restaurants, they dominate every kitchen. A cook’s job is to cook different hygienic and tasty meals; while this may sound like an obvious statement, it is not far away from the truth. What is not simple is what cooks cook! Cooks may specialize in a variety of foods. Gourmet cooks are trained to plan and make a wide array of courses; others may just work in a fast food setting alike.

When someone is applying for a cook’s job, he or she needs to be certain what their areas of expertise are and ensure that their resume objective depicts that expertise. Let us look at a few examples of resume objectives that a cook should put in a resume.

Cook Resume Objective Examples

● A Cook position with Marriott International utilizing exceptional knife skills and ability to prepare food according to the menu and production sheets in a sanitary manner

● Looking for a position as a Cook where I can apply my professional experience in planning and cooking gourmet meals in a hotel environment

● Seeking a Line Cook position with Brookdale Senior Living where expertise in preparing delicious and hygienic food items will be fully utilized

● To obtain a position as a Prep Cook in a hospitality setting making the most of culinary field knowledge to create new and innovative dishes and maximize customer’s satisfaction

A cook’s job is not to simply cook different dishes; he or she may be asked to plan meals and provide decorations for their dishes. Cooks in an industrial or hotel setting are required to providing training to apprentice cooks too – so a supervisory role can be depicted in a cook’s resume objective. Since working in a kitchen setting requires a lot of stamina owing to long hours of standing, cooks need to be able to work in extreme conditions with heat and smoke the primary ones. A good resume for a cook will base on his or her ability to work in these conditions and since the objective says it all, some reference of this should me made in it!