Busting the popular notion that it is alright to send a Medical Billing and Coding resume without a cover letter, we would like to emphasize to the importance of one – even it might not be required by the employer.

Some people believe that a Medical Billing and Coding cover letter just introduces your resume; we beg to differ. A cover letter is a highly professional yet personalized document that should contain very specific information to develop the interest of employer in reading your enclosed resume.

See the example below to build a highly effective cover letter for your resume.



Medical Billing and Coding Cover Letter Sample


Ethel Rogers
5122 Main Street
Windsor, VT 55252
(321) 999-0000
ethel.rogers @ email . com

August 25, 2013

Ms. Alberta Miller
Recruitment Manager
Metropolitan Business Solutions
662 Allen Street
Windsor, VT 72727


Dear Ms. Miller:

After seeing your position of Medical Billing and Coding Specialist at Metropolitan Business Solutions, I would like to offer my expertise in order to make a valuable contribution to your company. With extensive experience in medical billing and thorough knowledge of ICD-9, CM and CPT Coding, I have the capability to contribute effectively to your ongoing success.

I possess a positive attitude and high degree of motivation that makes the duties associated with this position easy and fun to do. My knowledge of coding standards and the ability to carry out all processes in a time efficient manner dictate that I have what your company is looking for in terms of quality service. In addition, my experience of the medical billing world and its intricacies ensures that I bring all claims to fruition by making sure that my follow up procedures with insurance companies are effective.

Furthermore, I am able to ensure and maintain good rapport with customers and insurance company agents in order to orchestrate a smooth flow of operations at all times. Working in an environment which is conducive to high quality and customer satisfaction, and keeping in mind the policies and procedures put forth by the company, I’ve developed a skills set that is definitely superior to those of other contenders for this position.

My resume contains a detailed account of my experience and accomplishments in medical billing and coding. I would appreciate a meeting where we can discuss my expertise and your goals in detail. Please feel free to contact me at (321) 999-0000 if you need any further augmentation to my claims here. Moreover, I will call you within few days to follow-up on my job application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Ethel Rogers

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