An effective resume for the Certified Nursing Assistant position should be written a way to catch the eye of the recruiter at the very first glance. Therefore, mention the qualifications, skills and abilities relevant to your work experience from the recruiter’s perspective.

What transferable skills and abilities recruiters want to see in Certified Nursing Assistant Resume? Identify those skills, such as taking temperature, pulses and respiration, blood pressure and the like. Each bullet statement in your skills and abilities section should relate to a skill required for the Certified Nursing Assistant job.

Don’t write generic skills and abilities for your resume even if you have no prior experience in this arena (See: CNA Resume with no experience). Be specific to your profession and highlight the skills which are relevant to your profession.

Following are some skills and qualifications statements for a Certified Nursing Assistants beginning with action verbs. These phrases are very effective for experienced as well as new grad entry level CNA’a having no experience.

Qualifications and Skills for CNA Resume

● Well versed in taking vital signs, temperature, blood pressure, pulses and respiration

● Adept at bathing, dressing and feeding residents

● Highly skilled in utilizing restorative measures in resident/patient care

● Proven record of collecting accurate specimen

● Able to give compassionate care to clients and residents

● Competent at ensuring the personal hygiene and nutrition standards of residents

● Profound ability to provide patients with oral care, hair care and nail care

● First-hand experience in assisting residents in transportation and ambulation

● Capable of handling bowel and bladder and recording results of the same

● Outstanding organizational abilities demonstrated through progressive caregiving positions

● Strong desire to serve disabled and elderly residents

● Proven ability to deal tactfully with staff, residents and families

● Demonstrated patience and tact with a cheerful disposition

● Skilled in performing various housekeeping duties; cleaning of care areas and replacing linens