Position Overview

Certified nursing assistants or CNAs are healthcare professionals who provide direct and indirect patient care at different healthcare settings such as hospitals, clients’ homes and healthcare centers. The position of a CNA is crucial in the sense that they are expected to perform a pivotal role between registered nurses and patients. CNAs are required to assess patients’ condition and to assist in ensuring their safety and well-being. They also assist patients with managing daily tasks such as personal hygiene, grooming, bathing and dressing. Additionally, they provide medicine administering services when directed by a healthcare professional.

Certified Nursing Assistants who work in private capacities, such as, at patients’ homes, need to provide them with a different set of services in addition to the regular tasks. This may include accompanying patients to appointments and recreation activities, performing shopping and preparing meals for them. They also perform light household tasks such as dusting and laundry. They need to develop good rapport with their patients and at times provide them with emotional support. They talk them through difficult and physically painful times and provide support to families as well.

Following is a comprehensive list of job description, duties and responsibilities that are part of a CNAs job. Job seekers may use these statements in the experience section of their resume.

Job Description for CNA Resume

● Provide bedside patient care by:

– Checking and recording vital signs; blood pressure and temperature
– Measuring patient’s height and weight
– Collecting body fluids for testing purpose
– Observing patient’s responses and changes to medications
– Assisting with bedpans and urinals

● Assist patients with managing nutritional needs by:

– Preparing and checking food trays
– Feeding
– Monitoring food intake

● Help patients with mobility by:

– Managing personal hygiene and bathing
– Providing nail, hair and skin care
– Assisting with dressing and undressing

● Perform basic maintenance of medical equipment

● Record patients information in manual and computerized logs

● Transport patients between procedure rooms and appointments

● Assist clients with household services such as cleaning and grocery shopping

● Answer patient calls and respond to emergencies

● Administer enema, douches and dressings as directed

● Turn and position patients as required