A CNA switching jobs or quitting work will need to provide his or her employer with a formal resignation letter. Although it is not necessary, but strongly recommended that you give the resignation reason in the letter.

A resignation letter for a CNA position is considered as a professional etiquette that shows your professionalism. It should be written carefully in order to secure a positive letter of recommendation from employer.

It is a standard practice in the USA and Canada to give a two-week notice period to your employer so that they can arrange your alternative.


Certified Nursing Assistant Resignation Letter Sample


Cynthia Albert, CNA
9332 Devonshire Road
Toms River, NJ 66663
(000) 909-9878
cynthia @ email . com

August 3, 2015

Ms. Abigail Leroy
Nursing Manager
St. Louis Family Health Clinic
7736 Bellflower Ct
Toms River, NJ 11123


Dear Ms. Leroy:

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from the position of Certified Nursing Assistant from St. Louis Family Health Clinic. Please consider this letter as a two week’s notice (as per our contract) starting from today, effective August 17.

It makes me sad to leave such rewarding job that I have identified with for many years. I have had the opportunity to learn much more than an average nursing assistant – as your leadership and advice took my career a long way. I truly wish to find some way I could continue but I have some family matters back in Boston and I have no choice but to leave at this point. I would like to thank you for providing me with training in patient care arena and making me a valuable asset to the nation.

I will hand over all my work to whomever you consider right to replace me and assure you that any pending work will be completed before I leave. I look forward to working with you again if I will be provided with a chance in future.

Thank you once again for your guidance and support during my work at St. Louis Family Health Clinic.



Cynthia Albert – CNA

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