Job Overview

A certified nursing assistant or CNA works with an assisted facility or a hospital depending on her individual choice of workplace. This is an extremely demanding job which involves direct/indirect patient care which may include assisting patients with personal care tasks such as bathing, grooming, toileting, dressing and eating.

On the face of it, it seems quite easy to perform all these tasks – but in actuality they are very difficult. CNAs are responsible for the wellbeing of a patients from the time they are admitted to the time when they are discharged. These professionals assist nurses in administering medication and helping patients with exercises and activities including escorting them to appointments or examination rooms.

On a broader scale, CNAs are expected to measure patients’ height and weight, vitals and collect specimens. They are also required to observe patients and relay any changes they see to the RN or the doctor on duty. CNAs need to be very patient as working in this capacity is the height of an individual’s patience at times. They are often required to perform challenging tasks like carrying and transporting bodily fluids for testing purposes and being the brunt of patients’ anger and frustration. This is one of the prime reasons that CNAs are required to possess a personality that will make them take all these challenging tasks as “all in a day’s work”!

CNAs can be very accomplished people as there can be quite some scope for achievements in this profession. Following is a list of some achievements that a CNA can write on her resume. Have a look!

Sample Achievements for CNA Resume

• Effectively assisted the RNs in developing and implementing specific development plans which raised patient satisfaction by 30%

• Presented a seminar on the core functions of certified nursing assistants for the benefit of new CNAs and existing ones

• Wrote a booklet on patient care directives for the benefit of new hires

• Attained Employee of the Year Certificate following excellence in nursing assistantship practices based on patients’ and supervisor’s feedback

• Supervised a team of 5 CNAs in the absence of the nurse manager for two weeks

• Trained 22 new nursing assistants regarding patient care and hospital protocols