A Mail Clerk is accountable for delivering and processing mail for the employer. S/he must be able to process all outgoing mail including USPS, FedEx and agent mail. This professional is also responsible for categorization of mail, identifying mail and other documents for appropriate routing.

The purpose of a Mail Clerk Cover Letter is to match your qualifications to an employer’s specific needs, and to state your interest in the Mail Clerk job and the prospective organization. A well-written cover letter for Mail Clerk Resume shows why you are a strong candidate for the advertised position.


Mail Clerk Cover Letter Sample


38 Example Drive
Houston TX 52140

April 17, 2014

Ms. Jennifer Joe
Manager of Human Relations
Mail Clerk
Houston TX 25410


Dear Ms. Joe:

I am writing to express my interest in the Mail Clerk position advertised in the Texas Republic. Along with my experience, skills and abilities, I can efficiently contribute to your bottom line. I am impressed by the standing of your company and feel confident that my experience would enable me to carry out the tasks well.

During my work at my previous jobs, I gained extensive skills in receiving, processing, sorting and distributing incoming and outgoing mail, faxes, messages and courier packages from FedEx or USPS physically or electronically. My key expertises include:

● Maintaining address databases and make tailored mailings
● Printing and photocopying materials
● Addressing and stuffing envelopes
● Weighing mail, computing and attaching appropriate postage, and packing by zip/postal code

As an experienced mail clerk, I would be enjoy an opportunity to meet with you and discuss my qualifications and to learn more about this job opening and your organization. I will call you after 3 days to see if a meeting can be arranged. In the meantime, I may be reached at [Contact #],

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon.



Ana Smith

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