A clerk’s job is not specific to one industry; there might be administrative, office, law, stock, mail, court, billing, file, accounting, data entry, mail, and about a dozen other prefixes that one can think of.

In fact, a clerk is responsible for secretarial and administrative work within an office in order to ensure smooth working conditions for the rest of the staff. While some people believe that a clerk is really a minion, this is not the truth. Clerks ensure that the underlying work of an office is managed efficiently so that every employee can work with maximum support and minimum problems.

Clerk Resume objectives need to include personal attributes that are pertinent to the job along with other relevant information that employer want to see in a candidate. Since clerks are required to perform a vast array of jobs which also requires some administrative work, a resume objective in a resume needs to cover both clerical and administrative talents.

When a candidate is applying for a job as a clerk, he or she needs to ensure that their resume is in proper order; relevant information and a well laid out structure can work wonders. Undisputedly, the most important part of a resume is the objective because it gets read first and needs to portray a good impression of the candidate. A clerk’s resume objective could include anything depending on the type of job in question. Let us have a look at some examples of a clerk’s resume objective:

Clerical Resume Objective Examples

• Seeking a position of Clerk with ABC Company where I can utilize my well honed organizational and planning skills in an environment conducive to mutual growth and development

• A focused and career-minded individual looking for a position as an Accounting Clerk with ABC Bank where I can demonstrate my accounting abilities to ensure smooth financial transactions

• Looking for a position as a Payroll Clerk where my experience in providing payroll services and relevant attention to detail will be utilized in a professional environment

• Seeking a clerical position with a company that will allow me to fully utilize my recordkeeping, secretarial, and problem solving skills

• A position of office clerk in which I can utilize my extensive record management, communication, and accounting skills to benefit the organization

•  To obtain a Clerical position with XYZ Corporation in which my customer service, bookkeeping, and general office skills will be fully utilized to greater office efficiency and productivity