Guidelines Passing the screening is very important for your resume. And in order for your resume to be made screen-able, it has to provide a certain quality. With the popular ATS system taking charge of resume and cover letter screening, things are becoming more and more difficult for candidates. If your resume does not pass […]

How much truth is in the following statement? A cover letter is your chance to discuss your personal life and feelings. There is absolutely no truth in this statement. A resume should be enough space to talk about your professional and personal life. A cover letter should talk about your intended employer, and how he […]

You do not just write a cover letter. You create one. The amount of effort in terms of thinking, articulating and then finally penning down your thoughts, is nothing less than colossal. If this is not the kind of effort you usually put into writing a cover letter, it is time that you started. Employers […]

  There is little more that is as exciting as going through a resume that is to one’s liking. Hiring managers depend highly on well-written resumes to bring functioning employees onboard. Candidates really have to compete with each other to bag the job of their dreams, often depending on resume samples that they find sparingly […]

Zooming in on the skills section in the resume is something that employers are well-known for doing. And since what the employer wants is of great importance, it is best to concentrate on creating a skills section that is nothing less than exemplary. And skills are not only important in resumes – if you go […]

Residential youth workers are primarily hired by facilities that cater to the needs of young clients. These duties are not usually restricted to the facility where they are employed, and may even stretch to assigned clients’ homes and government agencies. Working as a residential youth worker is quite a challenging tasks, involving much in terms […]

The question is not what questions you will be asked at an interview. The question is how will you answer the questions posed to you? The way you answer a certain interview question goes a long way in determining if you are the right person to hire for a job. Body language, attitude and level […]