Have you ever sat down and thought about how skilled you are? If you haven’t, maybe it is time that you did because you will need to mention them on your resume. Skills are a fundamental need if you want to do anything at the workplace. Lack of skills will drop your candidature down a […]

Valet parking is such a convenience. You hand over your vehicle to a trusted individual and you don’t have to ride along the block for hours to find parking space. Valet parking is a concept that is being given a lot of importance due to the convenience that it provides. Valet parking attendants are god-sent! […]

Valet driver is a variable term. The job duties may range from being a personal valet cum driver to a valet driver position for a car parking facility. Generally, valet drivers are hired by five star hotels, huge building owners or car driving services to serve the purpose of car park driving for guests. Valet […]

Overview: Valet managers work at hotels and restaurants or private valet parking where their main job is to supervise a team of valet attendants to organize the parking lot and ensure excellence in customer services. They are also responsible for managing the training and staffing of valets and creating and coordinating work schedules. Let us see how a […]

If you are looking to apply for a job as a valet in a restaurant, a hotel or a parking company, the following cover letter may come in handy. Remember that a cover letter for a valet resume is an essential part of your application, yet, you cannot write too much in it because it might […]

Job Description: A valet or parking attendant typically welcomes guests, visitors or employees as they enter into the premise. S/he opens vehicle doors, takes keys, gives a slip or ticket and park vehicle in the appropriate space. At departure, the valet obtains ticket and cash, gets back their keys from a booth and hand over […]

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