The debate continues – to include a resume objective or not? Let’s end the debate here – do put in one. When you write an objective, you are defining your career path – a resume feature that no employer can deny liking. It is easy for an employer to see what qualifications you have in […]

If you’ve ever wondered why your perfectly written resume did not bring you interviews or even a call of acknowledgement from the employer, you may be doing something wrong. And the most probable thing is that you either forgot to include a skills section in your resume, or included it in a not so becoming […]

Position Overview An office secretary is considered one of the most important individual in any setting. Since it is her responsibility to make sure that everything is in order and that all clerical and administrative systems are running smoothly, it is important for her to be excellent at what she does. Some common tasks of […]

Guidelines During an interview for office secretary position, be prepared to discuss negative experiences that you may have had. An interviewer will do all that he can to make you stumble and give the wrong answer, eventually striking you off the list of possible candidates. Do not let him win. Where negative experiences are concerned, […]

So you are done with the interview now and are waiting for the call. Don’t just wait. Make some noise. Write a thank you email to the person who took your interview. Why is this important? The main reason behind people writing thank you emails is to attract attention. And that is the idea. But […]

  Each interview is different, so it is not necessary that if you have done well in one, you will do well in the next one as well. As one of the biggest misconceptions, this can lead to terrible consequences because interviewees become complacent. Complacency is the worst thing ever, where interviews are concerned. So […]

Nothing is more daunting than giving your first interview. Actually, even the 100th interview is quite overwhelming! No, one does not get used to being interviewed. The stakes are too high and if you lose the game, you lose more than just a job opportunity. Failed interviews can make our self-confidence shatter to the core. […]