The aim of a car sales representative is to sell cars to customers. S/he needs to employ many methods to ensure the success of a sale and are required to learn much about the type of car they are attempting to sell. When you enter a car dealer’s showroom, chances are that the first person […]

LinkedIn summaries for sales professionals are probably the best way to impress the potential recruiters online. Many employers rely on candidates’ LinkedIn profiles as part of the decision making process. It is no mystery why they do this – employers need to know what kind of a candidate they will be interviewing (or hiring) and […]

Sometimes really talented candidates fail to get an interview call just because they overlook some relevant details in their resume. The process of jewelry sales associate resume building is synonymous to that of releasing a trailer before the real show. Like the purpose of a trailer is to grab the viewer’s attention, the purpose of […]

A cover letter for jewellery sales associate position not only provides the candidate a chance of communicating the employer specified skills in a personalized manner, but also serve as a chance of conveying enthusiasm. A cover letter lacking the element of excitement is a total waste of a golden opportunity. Your letter is your chance […]

Sales representatives are required to perform one of the most difficult jobs in a retail environment i.e. presenting a company and its products in a positive way in order to increase sales. They are trained to be the face of a company as they are the people who meet customers as a first point of […]

Working in sales profession is extremely challenging to say the least. Employers expect a lot from their sales forces, especially sales consultants who are responsible for maintaining existing business and creating new business opportunities. There are many ways that sales consultants contact their customer in order to generate business; email, telephone and face to face […]

By definition, a resume is a brief and informative summary of one’s qualifications. Keep this definition in mind and build your resume for sales consultant position accordingly. Before compiling your resume, write down your skills and main competencies and then select the ones you think the potential employer would value most. You may not possess […]

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