Writing a resume for an entry level position in sales arena is rarely considered fun, but a good resume is very important for successful job seeking. So you have to think of it in terms of something that you like doing – rather creating. Resume creation is a process that is nothing less than an […]

Writing a cover letter for an entry level sales position cannot be considered fun. It is a decidedly daunting job, which can scare even those people who have been good academically all their lives. But writing a cover letter is a necessary evil and you might not even consider it an “evil” once you learn […]

Best Buy is one of the biggest retailers of household appliances, computers, car electronics, wearable technology, cameras and many more things. For each type of product that they sell, they train sales associates specifically. For instance, an individual who has knowledge of computers will only be hired to handle sales regarding that particular section – […]

One can never get enough advice on how to be successful at an interview for sales assistant position. Each interview has a different level of difficulty and at times, we have to pool in all the information that we hold to ace it. There is nothing easy about being successful at an interview but then […]

It is not untrue that there are some interviews that are tougher than others – like those conducted for sales positions. Why, you ask? The difficulty of an interview depends on how much importance an employer gives to a position – a sales position is directly responsible for ensuring business for a company, so it […]

Considering the aggressive competition in present day job market, a sales trainer cover letter seems to be a candidate’s ray of hope since it is an effective marketing tool and can prove to be instrumental in making one’s resume stand out of the lot. Sales Trainer Cover Letter Tips Opening Impression – First things first: […]

There is a lot of competition in the job market for almost every position these days but it’s even more so for sales positions. Below are a few tips that will guide you in building an impressive and attention grabbing resume for sales trainer position: Similar Recent Role: If you have worked in a similar […]

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