The following article is a compilation of some effective cover letter writing tips along with an inside sales representative cover letter sample for your guidance. Being an inside sales representative you must be aware of the importance of personalization in sales. Consider your cover letter as a marketing tool and devise ways to personalize with […]

Sales coordinators are considered important members of the sales department within any organization. While their specific duties may actually depend on what their job description says, they all work towards one common goal – meeting sales targets. Since sales is an extremely promising career especially for people who like fast paced working environments, many people […]

General Overview: As opposed to sales representatives who sell products and services from door to door, inside sales representatives operate within an office. They are provided with sales quotas that they need to fulfill within a designated period of time. They are trained in handling many sales and marketing tasks from within a company along […]

A bland and dull cover letter does not work for any position and even more so in sales. To click your candidacy in sales, you need a vibrant cover letter which stands out of the lot. Here are some tips that will help you in achieving the above mentioned goal: • Make an effort to […]

Entry Level Sales Resumes that begin without an objective are quite discouraging for the employer. This is because an objective serves as an ice breaker and if not supplied, the employer may not feel a connection and end up binning the resume. A resume prepared for an entry level position must have an objective that […]

So your resume and other job application credentials have finally led you to an interview. What is the next step from here? Since it took a lot of hard work to get you to an interview for Sales Associate position, you must make sure that you pass this step with relative ease. But interviews are […]

Coming up with a convincing resume for sales associate is not an easy task and becomes even more difficult when you do not have any experience. If you are facing such a situation, it is recommended to explore your transferable skills. Everybody has a number of transferable skills – you need to identify the same. […]

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