Are resumes outdated? Every year, a bunch of recruiting punters announce that resumes are no longer required and that candidates should just appear for an interview and “talk” their way through to a job. How practical is that? Not much. Not sending in a resume means that you are working in a haphazard manner – […]

The power of a cover letter for sales girl position is uncanny – this document says much about the person who has written it. Sending out a resume without a cover letter is risking your reputation and you don’t want to do that. Imagine picking up a sales girl resume without a cover letter. It […]

Building a modern and effective resume for sales director position requires a lot of effort, time and some professional help. In present day job market scenario, where recruiters spend less than 15 seconds on average before they send a resume in the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile, candidates need to make their resumes really catchy. The […]

When writing a cover letter for sales director position, just attempt to answer the question ‘why should they hire you’. In doing so, utilize and demonstrate your sales acumen to the fullest. Cover letter is important for any position but it is exceptionally crucial when applying for a position in sales. The recruiters read your […]

Writing a resume for an entry level position in sales arena is rarely considered fun, but a good resume is very important for successful job seeking. So you have to think of it in terms of something that you like doing – rather creating. Resume creation is a process that is nothing less than an […]

Writing a cover letter for an entry level sales position cannot be considered fun. It is a decidedly daunting job, which can scare even those people who have been good academically all their lives. But writing a cover letter is a necessary evil and you might not even consider it an “evil” once you learn […]

Best Buy is one of the biggest retailers of household appliances, computers, car electronics, wearable technology, cameras and many more things. For each type of product that they sell, they train sales associates specifically. For instance, an individual who has knowledge of computers will only be hired to handle sales regarding that particular section – […]

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