Writing a winning cover letter to supplement your resume is a challenging task; it becomes even more challenging when the position is that of sales. Although in the USA the minimum qualification to become a salesman is merely a high school diploma, yet marketing is a unique field and not everyone is chalked out to […]

A resume is a necessary document for each and every job seeker irrespective of the profession being sought. Although some recruiters provide an online application form to replace the resume, yet asking for resume is common practice in the USA and Canada till date and it is very important to portray your best self in […]

The retail world employs many individuals to make it work properly. The position of a sales clerk is one such important retail position. Sales clerks provide a variety of services in a store which may include managing cash registers, stocking and assisting customers in purchasing items. Sales clerks usually pose as a first point of […]

Sales representatives may work in a geographically assigned area / territory or within a company’s premises depending on their individual employment type. Their main job is to develop business opportunities by soliciting clients. They do this by demonstrating product features to both existing and new clients in a bid to entice them to make a […]

Sales executives contribute highly to an organization by building business. They identify prospects and follow up on them to generate business. They are expected to identify business opportunities and analyze sales options. Their main target is to meet sales goals set by the management and to foster meaningful relationships with both existing and prospective clients. […]

Companies make products and retailers want to sell them but all is useless without the efforts of salesmen. Salesmen are important links between sellers and buyers as they provide a valuable bridge in order to meet both sales targets of a company and customers’ demands. Salesmen are hired by retailers in order to help them […]

When you enter a store, you will most probably be greeted by a salesman. Salesmen are responsible for assisting customers throughout the purchase procedure by suggesting items and helping them locate required products. They are also expected to demonstrate product features for the benefit of the customers and ensure that they answer questions and queries […]

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