Cover letter writing for bookseller position is a complex task and requires ample amount of time and effort. To write a convincing cover letter for a bookseller resume, one must be knowledgeable regarding the latest cover letter writing standards. Self Promotion: Cover letter, like a resume is a tool for self promotion but unlike resume, […]

Candidates not having any relevant experience usually find cover letter writing for a sales position very challenging. Below are some cover letter essentials that will guide you through the process. • Make your letter to the point: Do not bore the employer or waste time by beating about the bush, let them know what you […]

For people who are avid readers, working for a bookstore is a dream come true. Surrounded by what you consider the love of your life is an amazing feeling and if this is what your job requires of you, well, you have it made! Booksellers may own bookshops or work for them depending on separate […]

Wondering why your resume needs an accomplishments section? Well, we are here not only with answers to this question but also some sample accomplishment statements suitable for a sales associate resume. Accomplishments section as the resume writing specialists say, is the new experience section. It was common practice till couple of years back to include […]

What three traits qualify you for this job? Convincing power, persistence and interpersonal skills. These traits perfectly qualify me for this job. What do you know about sterling silver? Sterling silver is a brand that deals in silver and combination jewelry. Being a designer brand, each piece comes in limited amount and you also design […]

Sales clerks are responsible for stocking shelves, setting up window displays, tagging price labels and obtaining items from the store. They are on their feet constantly; a feat that is not untiring. Sales clerks make sure that the shopping experience of customers in a retail environment is perfect. They are often the first and the […]

Are you an inside sales representative, seeking resume writing help? Good news is my friend, that the task is not as difficult for you as it is for professionals in other fields. All you need to do is to sell your candidacy! After all, selling is what you do, right? A sales resume is different […]

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