Entry Level Sales Resumes that begin without an objective are quite discouraging for the employer. This is because an objective serves as an ice breaker and if not supplied, the employer may not feel a connection and end up binning the resume. A resume prepared for an entry level position must have an objective that […]

So your resume and other job application credentials have finally led you to an interview. What is the next step from here? Since it took a lot of hard work to get you to an interview for Sales Associate position, you must make sure that you pass this step with relative ease. But interviews are […]

Coming up with a convincing resume for sales associate is not an easy task and becomes even more difficult when you do not have any experience. If you are facing such a situation, it is recommended to explore your transferable skills. Everybody has a number of transferable skills – you need to identify the same. […]

Avoid the following mistakes when writing a cover letter for sales support coordinator position. • Focusing on features of your candidacy rather than your benefits • Failing to reflect on the value you would bring to the company • Grammatical mistakes and typos • Failing to personalize • Ignoring the employer’s specific needs associated with the position […]

Retail environments are popular employment places for sales clerks who are often also known as cashiers or sales workers. While the term “cashier” puts them in a box which indicates that they can do nothing but handle payments, this is not how it is. Sales clerks are people who have a multifaceted job across many […]

Sales Manager Resume Tips Quantifying your achievements is the best strategy to intensify the impression of your resume for sales manager position. Since sales is all about numbers, it is a very good idea to make a list of your achievements that include some statistics to speak of your potential. Following are some quantification ideas […]

When you begin writing a resume for the position of a sales manager, make sure you understand all that this work requires of you. To put it simply, sales managers handle a wide array of duties in a retail environment. They handle staff scheduling and make sure that each sales representative is trained to meet […]

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