Writing an aesthetically pleasing resume is not enough – resumes need to be meaty too. What you write under each section head is very important. A tailored resume can be based on any of these: • Linking an opening statement to your experience • Listing most relevant skills first • Including examples of achievements • […]

Captivating your audience – prospective employers in this case – is a surefire way of bagging that very important interview. Exuding sincerity, offering specific value and making your cover letter employer-oriented is the best way of getting across to a prospective employer. By doing this, you will have no problems in writing a rocking cover […]

You will be surprised to know that many recruiters actually prefer to hire fresh and energetic people who have little or no experience in hand. Sales personnel especially, are hired at the entry level because they add a touch of “freshness” to a company and their creative approach to work is often considered beneficial to […]

Sales associates typically handle the same type of work regardless of the organization that they work in. However, some of their work may differ depending on the type of industry that they are working for. For instance, a sales associate working in a shoe store will not share all duties with one in a produce […]

An achievement-oriented resume for sales position is powerful enough to bring your candidature on the top. When employers go through resumes, they look for sections that hold the most solid information – and what is more solid than an achievement? An achievement is a milestone in a person’s career so it has to be detailed […]

Since a department store hosts a huge array of consumer goods, it goes without saying that department store sales associates need to be jacks of all trades. Depending on the terms that they are hired on, they may be required to work within one department inside the store or work across many departments, so their […]

Retail environments have a lot of qualities in common – the work is more or less the same. But there are some things that are not the same between different organizations even if they are all part of the same industry. This is true of the apparel industry which in essence is retail but is […]

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