Guidelines Having a friend over a day or two before an impending saleslady interview can help you deal with interview jitters. Ask your friend to pose as the interviewer and grill you. Give them a piece of paper on which he or she can give you marks for completeness, level of detail and your presentation […]

Whether you like it or not, you have to place an objective at the top of your resume. This is especially important for positions that are considered entry level – like that of a sales management trainee. When you are just beginning your life in the employment world, you have to create a positive first […]

A sales management trainee is usually hired at the entry level where his or her responsibility is to learn sales management, and then assist with delegated sales management tasks. Usually, a sales management trainee is hired if he or she possesses a high school diploma but some organizations may require them to have a business […]

A jewelry sales associate works for dedicated jewelry shops or kiosks or counters in shopping malls. These people are responsible for providing customers with a great experience while fulfilling their jewelry buying needs. Whether a jewelry associate works in a jewelry shop that sells imitation jewelry or real, his or her work remains more or […]

A job application set for sales girl position is never complete without an application letter – or a cover letter, as it is more commonly known as. The application letter is simply a document that outlines an individual’s desire to work for a certain company, by providing information of how he or she fits in […]

Significance of sales advisor cover letters have increased considerably in recent years. It is up to us to bring ourselves up to the standards of cover letter writing that are now demanded the world over. It is never easy to write a cover letter but then “easy” was never promised when applying for a job […]

Position Overview Sales advisors may share some of the responsibilities of sales associates but the main essence of their work is completely different. Sales advisors are probably a notch above – they provide customers with solid advice on what to buy, by first deeply assessing their requirements. They are also responsible for a multitude of […]