Merely listing your job duties and skills in a resume will not make it look complete. Listing your greatest achievements is also important. Stating key achievements in the role of a sales assistant is imperative as these often become the deciding factor for employers who are looking for accomplished individuals to hire. To see how […]

Drafting an accurate advertisement is the first step in finding the right candidate for any job. To attract applications from qualified and suitable candidates, it is important for the job advertisement to be very clear and specific. Every good job advertisement must include name of the company, name of the hiring manager, number of positions, […]

The aroma of freshly baked goods is enough to send anyone into a stupor of eternal bliss – and eventually into a food coma! Have you ever wondered who is behind making us feel this way? The baker of course, but the baker is also backed by an individual who handles food preparation duties in […]

Assuming that an employer will know what your cover letter is for (and not mentioning it in the cover letter) is the biggest mistake that you can make. You may feel that the purpose of your cover letter is obvious to an employer but that may not be so. You might argue that a cover […]

Look anywhere or ask anyone and you will discover that resumes constructed for electronic sales positions need to be a cut above others. These resumes need not have more detail than others but the content in them must be very strong. A company’s sales team is mostly responsible for the revenue that comes in so […]

There was a time when one sales representative or associate handled sales activities of all types of products in a store. Those times have changed. Owing to increased customer demands and competition, it is no wonder that people are now being trained and assigned to different departments. In such cases, concentration is only on one […]

Are resumes outdated? Every year, a bunch of recruiting punters announce that resumes are no longer required and that candidates should just appear for an interview and “talk” their way through to a job. How practical is that? Not much. Not sending in a resume means that you are working in a haphazard manner – […]

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