A pediatric medical assistant resume is not your only avenue to impress a hiring manager. But it is definitely the strongest one. Candidates who take resumes lightly end up being archived for later. This means certain failure as far as your career with that medical facility is concerned. Make your resume the strongest job […]

The first time you write a cover letter, you are always cautious. The end result of your cover letter is what matters most, which is why people spend a lot of time and effort in creating one that is top notch. This effort should be replicated every time you write a cover letter. A cover […]

There are two roles that a pediatric medical assistant performs – at the front-end and at the back-end. Where the former is concerned, he or she is expected to handle patient inflow, manage appointments, assist patients with filling out registration forms and provide support in handling and verifying insurance coverage information. At the back-end, a […]

  What is the definition of an EMT Medical Assistant resume that has the capability to impress a hiring manager? You will be surprised (and happy) to know that writing a resume that makes a positive impression on a hiring manager is no biggie. All you have to do is make it concise and relevant. […]

Wondering what the best way of reaching out to a hiring manager is? The answer is not through the resume. Most of us erroneously believe that if our resume is written substantially, our chances of becoming a favorite with hiring manager increases. This is not really true. While a well-written resume does make things easier, […]

Position Overview A medical assistant working in an ENT (ear, nose and throat) facility performs more or less the same duties as a medical assistant working in any other dedicated facility. It is the job of an ENT medical assistant to make sure that all aspects of an ENT facility are properly managed, and that […]

  There have been a million arguments about what a perfect resume for dermatology medical assistant position looks like. Unfortunately, nothing much has come out of it. A perfect resume is relative – the person who is writing it needs to look at his own specific professional profile before creating his resume, and that is […]