Position Overview Antique dealers are gems – they are rare to find and you should consider yourself lucky if you find one who can help you with your antique buying needs. The basic work of an antique dealer is to find antique items, evaluate them and price them appropriately. But it is not as easy […]

Videographers are hired as either freelancers or permanent employees, depending on the projects that they are expected to work on. These individuals are responsible for capturing videos of events or operating video equipment for branding purposes. Other projects that a videographer can take up include movies, company events and music videos. Although there are no […]

To most train passengers, the existence of a railroad safety inspector may come as a surprise. Mostly, people take it for granted that train travel is more or less safe. But no one takes into account the countless hours and days that railroad safety inspectors spend in making sure that train travel is safe for […]

Some things never go out of fashion – photographs are one of them. While the essence of photography has changed dramatically since the first photograph was taken decades ago, photographs still hold a lot of interest for people who want to hold their memories on a piece of photo paper – or in a disc. […]

A concession stand worker is responsible for operating and handling the activities at a designated concession stand, usually at games and fairs. His or her work responsibilities may differ slightly depending on the place of commission but mostly, concession stand workers’ duties are limited to food preparation, selling food and drinks, collecting money and tendering […]

Most of us have bought or sold property at one time or another, whether it was a tiny apartment or a large country estate. Even if we haven’t, we’ve seen how the sale happens, or have read about it. We know all about the buyers and the sellers, and the dealers for both sides, and […]

Position Overview Soccer coaches are usually hired by schools, colleges and sports complexes to help students / athletes work towards achieving their goals to full potential. They work with them closely to help them reach their full potential in playing soccer, and encourage underrepresented individuals to take part in sporting activities, soccer in particular. As […]