Quality assurance testers, or QA testers are hired by companies to ensure that end products comply with established quality standards. Mostly, quality assurance testers are hired by companies that deal in software development, but they are also hired to check retail products for quality conformance. To work at this position, one has to be especially […]

Position Overview Band musicians usually have a “background” role in a band even though their work is so profound that a vocalist cannot do without them. Each band has several members who play different instruments for the vocalist to sing on. These individuals are important members of the band in their own specific field – […]

Position Overview Quality assurance and control is imperative in all industries. In most big organizations, there is an entire department dedicated to quality control, where several teams of quality control individuals make sure that all processes that a product goes through correlate with quality assurance guidelines. An important part of this department is a quality […]

Position Overview Antique dealers are gems – they are rare to find and you should consider yourself lucky if you find one who can help you with your antique buying needs. The basic work of an antique dealer is to find antique items, evaluate them and price them appropriately. But it is not as easy […]

Videographers are hired as either freelancers or permanent employees, depending on the projects that they are expected to work on. These individuals are responsible for capturing videos of events or operating video equipment for branding purposes. Other projects that a videographer can take up include movies, company events and music videos. Although there are no […]

To most train passengers, the existence of a railroad safety inspector may come as a surprise. Mostly, people take it for granted that train travel is more or less safe. But no one takes into account the countless hours and days that railroad safety inspectors spend in making sure that train travel is safe for […]

Some things never go out of fashion – photographs are one of them. While the essence of photography has changed dramatically since the first photograph was taken decades ago, photographs still hold a lot of interest for people who want to hold their memories on a piece of photo paper – or in a disc. […]